RPD officers use tasers two times, including on biting dog

Aug 3, 2017 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Riverton police had to utilize their Tasers on two occasions early Wednesday, including once on a dog.

Officers suffered minor injuries in both incidents but did not require medical attention.

The first took place at about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, when officers approached James C'Hair, 27, of Riverton, in the 300 block of North 12th Street East. Reports state C'Hair lied to police about his identity, and when they learned that he was lying he grabbed hold of a nearby chain link fence and refused to let go.

"They were trying to pry his hands off of the fence, but every time he yanked the officer's hands of and started swiping at the officer towards his face," Riverton Police Department Lt. Wes Romero said Thursday.

Eventually, an officer Tased C'Hair and "took him to the ground," Romero said; that's when the officer "scuffed up his arm."

C'Hair was arrested on a municipal warrant and for resisting arrest.

Dog Tased

About an hour later, at 3:45 a.m. Wednesday, officers responded to the 1300 block of South Federal Boulevard where they found Andrea Antelope, 31, of Riverton, "highly intoxicated." There was a municipal warrant for her arrest, but Romero said she was "not really being compliant" while officers attempted to handcuff her.

At that point, he said, a dog belonging to a nearby homeowner appeared on the scene.

"(The dog) runs up to the officer and bites him on the leg," Romero said.

The bite didn't break the skin, Romero noted, but it did pinch the back of the officer's leg and tear his pants.

The officer asked the homeowner to retrieve the dog, but the homeowner didn't comply, so Romero said the officer used a Taser on the animal, and the dog retreated.

The difficulties didn't end there: After Antelope was loaded into the patrol car, Romero said she was able to maneuver her handcuffed hands to the front of her body so she could try to open the back door. The doors in the back of a patrol car don't open from the inside, however, so she only succeeded in breaking the door handle.

As a result, Antelope was charged with property damage as well.

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