City moves on plan to limit garage sales

Aug 3, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

The Riverton City Council is moving forward with a proposal to limit the number of garage and yard sales residents are allowed to have each year.

Council members approved the proposed ordinance on first reading Tuesday.

The ordinance would apply only to residentially zoned areas, where residents would be allowed to hold no more than three garage sales each year, with each lasting no longer than three days.

There is no city ordinance limiting such sales.

Community development director Sandy Luers said the impetus for the ordinance was complaints from some neighbors that "perpetual garage sales" sometimes "can kind of turn into a business in a residential area."

Mayor Lars Baker said incessant garage sales violate "the concept of zoning."

"The reason you buy a home in that area, you can be relatively assured that you won't wake up tomorrow morning and someone will put up a gas station there," he said.

Luers said the limit of three sales was used because it seemed to be a standard used in other municipalities.

Council member Lance Goede originally expressed some concern that the three-day, three-sale plan might be overly confusing to residents.

Instead, he suggested the city might allow a total of nine garage sale days -- whether consecutive or not.

Council member Mike Bailey, however, said allowing a person to have sales on nine Saturdays in a row "would be pretty continuous."

The council ultimately decided to stick with the original language.

The proposed ordinance also would require that all advertising be located on private property, explicitly banning garage sale advertising on streetlight poles, public parks or city poles.

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