Great Lakes in arrears to airport; trying to catch up

Aug 13, 2017 From staff reports

Great Lakes Airlines has fallen behind on payments to Riverton Regional Airport.

The news comes just months after reports that the carrier owed Cheyenne Regional Airport $80,000.

The City of Riverton charges Great Lakes $2,000 each month for lease space at the Riverton Regional, which is Fremont County's only commercial airport. I

In July, Riverton public works director Kyle Butterfield said the airline owed as much as $7,800.

Since then, the airline has made a partial payment of $3,000, and Butterfield said the company has signaled its intent to pay in full soon.

On Aug. 5 the city received another payment of more than $1,000, reducing the total balance now owed to about $3,800.

The number of Great Lakes passengers began dropping in 2014. Last year local officials suspected the airline was on the verge of ending service to Riverton.

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