Eclipse notebook: Where will you be?

Aug 20, 2017 From staff reports

- Chris Jones with the National Weather Service office in Riverton is scheduled to work the evening shift Aug. 21, so he is planning to stay home with his family to watch the eclipse that morning.

- Dave Lipson, also with the National Weather Service office in Riverton is going with his family and a couple of friends to a remote location in Fremont County to watch the eclipse Aug. 21.

Exactly where is he going? He doesn't want anyone to know, because he's hoping there aren't many people there.

"Hopefully anyone passing through town won't know the secret two-tracks," Lipson said.

- Micah Frank, formerly of Riverton and now living in Erie, Colorado, is bringing some of her new friends up to Fremont County to experience the eclipse and meet some of her oldest friends.

She is staying at her mom's house and is excited to see how Riverton handles all of the crowds.

"I hope everyone experiences the best I know Riverton can be!" she said.

- Christina George, formerly of Lander and now living in Laramie, is returning home to be with family during the eclipse "despite being pregnant and miserable."

She isn't the only one in her family traveling to Lander, either - George says others are coming from out of state just to see the eclipse.

- Many area residents have the luxury NOT to make plans for the eclipse, since it passes directly over them no matter what they're doing Aug. 21. Kortni Cassity says she plans to go to work like normal, but she will step outside for about three minutes or so for a break when the moon passes directly in front of the sun. After that, it's back to work.

James Hiemstra says he'll probably be working, too, and Blaine Stafford wants everyone to know her business will be open.

- Charlene Rorabaugh, formerly from Riverton, won't be able to watch the eclipse, but she says she will spend the day wishing she was back home.

- Jerry Weliever isn't too excited about the celestial event. He guesses he'll be taking a nap when it takes place. Jamie Welieverof Riverton will be working but will make the effort to step outside. Then it's back to work.

- Tanna Martin of Ioka, Utah, and others "from near and far" will be gathering in the Riverton area for the eclipse. The group plans to sit in the hills, smoke up some burgers and enjoy the show - with eclipse glasses firmly in place!

- Peter Frøkjær Froekjaeris coming all the way from Denmark to see the eclipse in Fremont County. He says he's looking forward to meeting some of our local residents, and he appreciates all the work that's been done to accommodate guests.

He'll be driving in from Rock Springs "very early" Monday morning.

- Sheila West says she'll be visiting City Park "for sure" to take advantage of activities there. The Exploring the Sun Eclipse Weekend is Friday through Sunday at Riverton City Park, 800 E. Main St., in connection with Riverton's Dark in the Park Craft Fair Saturday and Sunday.

- Sarah Jarvis Thompson of Riverton will be part of the team launching high altitude balloons for the NASA Ballooning Project. The group will collect live-stream footage of the eclipse from 100,000 feet as it passes over Fremont County.

- Mary Longtine of Riverton, familiar locally as a greeter and checkout bagger at Smith's Food abd Drug, said she will be at her post Monday, "saying hello to all the customers."

If it's possible to step outside at the moment of totality, the former Riverton City Councilwoman said she'd like to do so.

- Monte Boril, traveling "basically from Long Beach, California," with his wife, Terri, sons Andrew and Willie, and his mother, Anne Boril, said they would look for a good spot around Riverton to see the eclipse.

Boril said Saturday that suggestions from Riverton residents for watching the eclipse included the Central Wyoming College Campus, Beaver Rim and Riverton City Park and Sunset Park.

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