Can't a local event ever be a success without alcohol?

Sep 13, 2017 Edna White, Riverton


I have a question. Can't our society have social and entertainment events without alcohol included?

Our so-called family events have booze, but we keep the drinking controlled in "beer Gardens." Where are the family members when adults are drinking in the beer garden?

Our front pages are filled with auto accidents and deaths, violence (extreme violence), domestic violence, and sexual perversion; with a strong possibility of alcohol consumption involved.

I would wager (and I don't gamble either) most people who end up with alcohol controlling their decisions, took their first drink at a young age and in the presence of family members.

Who of us knows which family member or friend will have a substance abuse take control of life, rich or poor, blue collar, white collar, or no collar?

Our jail is filled with inmates who committed alcohol-related crimes.

We cheer on brew-fests (still alcohol), and now the University of Wyoming is going to serve alcohol at football games, and they are asking for more law enforcement patrol.

I'm tired of seeing people, families and our community damaged and destroyed by booze, no matter how pretty a bow is put on the bottle, can or cup.

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