Wrestling season 'not starting out well' after changes made

Oct 5, 2017 Doug Novotny, Riverton


As a concerned sports fan and a supporter of the Riverton High School wrestling program, I would like to give the new coaching staff and administration some food for thought.

If the public is unaware that the coaching staff has been totally changed. When this coaching staff was chosen, let's also look at who applied for these positions. Two of the apps were former college wrestlers with several years of experience. I question to whom they hired over these apps.

I feel the administration should be ashamed of themselves for such actions. I would like all concerned parents and wrestlers, past and present, to voice their opinions also.

I do realize there could be other circumstances which were considered. I hope the season goes well, but it's not starting out well.

I was told by the administration that four or five junior and senior wrestlers have stated they will not be going out for the team this year because of this situation.

Let's figure this problem out.

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