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A great place to wait in line

Aug 26, 2012 Ron Howard, Riverton


I read, with interest, Randy Tucker's column that touched on the subject of 'standing in line'. As anyone who knows me or reads my silly Facebook posts knows, standing in line is one of my favorite subjects.

I am very particular when it comes to standing in line. I don't mind doing it if I feel it's worth it. I tend to gauge whether or not I'm going to stand in a line against the length of line versus why I'm there in the first place. For instance, I will wait in line for a BLT if I can determine that it won't take me as long to wait as it would for me to just go home and make my own. The same is said for coffee. I enjoy a good cup of joe as much as the next guy, but if I can go home, brew a pot and be on the road in the time it takes a barista to mix up all the fancy lattes for those in front of me, then I will do just that.

I don't mind standing in line if I have someone to talk to while waiting, or if I have something to read. While in basic training our drill sergeants gave us handbooks to read because as we all know, the Army is a lot of "hurry up and wait'.

When my wife, Aimee and I had our beautiful daughter, Elizabeth last October, we were driving around at 2:00 a.m. trying to lull her to sleep. She was only a few days old at that time and she was still getting her routine down. We were up anyway so we went for a drive. Perhaps the motion of the car would help her sleep. I made the comment that I used to cruise Main Street looking for girls, now I'm cruising Main Street because of the result of meeting one! As Elizabeth began to settle down and go to sleep we pulled into the doughnut shop for breakfast. As we waited for our pastries a car pulled up behind us. I said, "Look, Honey! Even at three in the morning people are desperate for a line to stand in!" We had a good time that morning and needless to say, Elizabeth woke up right when we got home, but it was our first family outing and I'll never forget it.

I remember when Taco Bell opened for the first time. The line of cars went from the drive through all the way across to the north side of the Kmart parking lot. I saw in the paper that hundreds stood in line when the new McDonald's opened. I couldn't imagine that the food in the new restaurant was better than the food in the old one. But the offer of free food for a year was too big of a temptation for many. I'm not making fun, mind you; just making a comment. When Ben Franklin decided to go out of business multitudes of patrons lined the street for the discounts they had to offer. All of this was ammunition for my silly rants on Facebook, so when I read Mr. Tucker's column, I felt the need to say something about it, all in the spirit of good fun.

The post office is a popular place to wait in line also. I have determined that this has become the place to be for those who don't go to the bar anymore. It seems there is always a group of people standing around enjoying each other's company, either in line to buy a book of stamps or perhaps they've done their business and they're just shooting the breeze with a friend on the sidewalk. By no means am I making fun of these folks. I do the same when I see an old friend, wherever it may be.

Our area is filled with places that lend themselves well to standing in line. I believe that the citizens of this great town enjoy the art of standing in line because the evidence is all over, whether it's a sandwich shop, the post office, a business that's soon to be closing its doors, or a shaved ice stand on a hot day. I've made jokes about this topic time and time again, and I will continue to do so because it's one of those quirky phenomena that's just fun to comment on.

I will also say that standing in line is worth it if the service of a particular place is good. Customer service has always been important to me and it seems as though Riverton businesses care about it too-because I see lines all over town! Keep up the good work, Riverton and you too, Randy. I like your column very much.

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