Buses and parking

Apr 4, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Here's a thought for the big spectator events at Wolverine Field, Riverton High School and Riverton Middle School: Ask the team buses to park somewhere other than the main parking lot.

The joint was jumping Saturday, with a wrestling tournament, soccer games and a major track and field meet all going on simultaneously on the big RHS/RMS campus on West Sunset Drive in Riverton.

There were lots of people there to watch. That's a highly positive circumstance, demonstrating anew Riverton's great location and versatile facilities. Let's keep the events coming.

Central to the success of the various athletics contests, festivals and academic competitions are the spectators who come to the events, support our economy in the process and "talk us up" to others after they leave Riverton.

These visitors always ought to have priority in the parking lots.

Much of the time there is room for buses and cars alike. But on Saturday, at least a hundred cars ended up across West Sunset Drive, parked to the north in a vacant lot. Spectators then had to cross busy Sunset Drive and walk a couple of hundred yards to the track venue, even farther to the soccer field or inside to Wolverine Gym.

The trek was necessitated by the dozens of team buses that dominated much of the paved parking lot adjacent to Wolverine Field.

The buses make an impressive sight, but it probably would be a better use of the space to have the buses drop off the competitors and their gear near the field, then use the vacant lot across the street for bus parking. The spectators then would have first crack at the parking lot.

This line of conversation was buzzing through the crowd at both the soccer games and the track meet in recent days. That means it is on the minds of a lot of people, and they all will talk to other people.

It can be viewed as a good opportunity to effect a simple solution that wouldn't bother the competitors at all but would please the taxpaying spectators greatly.

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