Peak viewing season starts for herd of bighorn sheep

Nov 18, 2013 From staff reports

Visitors to Dubois can encounter herds of bighorn sheep in their winter habitat during the animal's peak viewing season in November and early December.

The Whiskey Basin herd, one of the largest native herds of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, can be viewed by taking a 10-mile scenic drive to the trailhead and past the basin at the base of Whiskey Mountain (named for an early resident's still and cache of whiskey).

There also is a wildlife viewing area with a public spotting scope 2.5 miles from the highway. In addition to the bighorn sheep, visitors also may spot antelope, elk and mule deer.

The National Bighorn Sheep Center, 907 W. Ramshorn St., Dubois, conducts tours from November through April. These half-day tours run three to four hours. The center also offers self-guided information, hands-on exhibits and information on the latest sightings of bighorns.

For bookings, call 455-3429, e-mail or visit

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