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Nov 19, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

Brave November

Weather watchers braced for a wintry turn over the weekend, but it didn't materialize as forecast. So far, so good for November, which is staving off the arrival of the mean season after it looked in early October as if we might be in for a 150-day winter. A hundred days sounds a whole lot better. A sunny, 50-degree day any time between Halloween and Valentine's Day is a gift, and we've been getting a lot of them recently.

Library finalist

The Fremont County Library Board of Trustees has put all its eggs in the basket of Tracy Cook. She's the 37-year-old library administrator who is the one and only finalist to replace the departed Matt Nojonen as director of the library system, which includes the county branches in Lander, Riverton and Dubois. After some introductions around the county Monday, Cook could get the job officially Tuesday.

Yes, it's unusual not to have more than one finalist for a widely advertised position such as this one, but circumstances have combined to make it so in this case. It needn't be a concern. In the search for a good person to fill an important job, it only takes one if it's the right one, and our library leaders think they have that person in Tracy Cook.

Five in the 500

This week we pass the 10th full month of our one-year investment experiment called Five in the 500. In it, we imagined investing $500 in an "index fund" based on the daily rise or fall of the Standard & Poors 500 index, one of the three best-known stock market barometers, along with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ.

The date of President Barack Obama's second inauguration was the starting point, and Jan. 20, 2014, will be the end of the exercise.

Judging by the movement of the S&P over the past month or so, Five in the 500 is looking great. Had you plopped $500 into an S&P index fund in January and simply left it there, as of Tuesday morning it would have grown to $640.18. That's a 10-month return of 23.36 percent.

News on the radio

Several readers/listeners have noted that our daily "Ranger News Brief" at 105.1 FM "The Pulse" has not been updated for a few days by the radio station. It is being recorded and transmitted as usual from our end. The short newscast still can be heard -- new each day -- at our online news website, We have made inquiries, and we hope that whatever technical issue has cropped up at the radio station will be remedied soon.


Overshadowed by the much-examined 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy this week has been another significant milestone -- the 150th anniversary of the speech given by President Abraham Lincoln at a military cemetery in Gettysburg, Pa. Eventually it came to be known and revered as the Gettysburg Address, but at the time it was treated with little renown. Over time, the short speech has grown in stature to be among the most-famous in the English language. We'll print its entirety in this space on Wednesday. It still holds up well. Very well.

Counting sheep

Sunday's story in our Fremont County section about the peak viewing season for bighorn sheep called attention to one of the delights of our part of the nation. If you have yet to drive the 10-mile loop near Dubois toward Whiskey Mountain to see these interesting creatures, it's well worth the investment of a half day if the weather is nice. Seeing the stoic wild sheep, the males sporting their almost preposterously curling horns, is guaranteed to bring a smile. Take some binoculars if you can. Sometimes the herd is near the road, sometimes not. However you view the sheep, you'll be glad you did.

Here's to a good week.


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