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Too much gunfire at schools

Nov 21, 2013 - Dwight Traphagen, Riverton


I was thankful for the letter by Mr. Nyberg, the middle school assistant principal, in response to the earlier one from Mr. Finley that criticized having police officers in the schools. It has never bothered me, and I can say from experience that the kids usually love the "Officer Bill," as he was known when I had closer connections to school.

What bothered me as well about Mr. Finley's letter was when he wrote "I wonder how they plan to keep gun-toting parents in a small community out if something happens?"

That suggested to me that he though it would be good if parents grabbed their guns and headed to school if there was trouble. I have a game rifle and a bird gun, but I definitely would not want untrained parents trying to shoot their way into a school that was under lockdown. There has been enough shooting at schools in our country in recent years.

I thank Mr. Nyberg for his thoughtful response to these issues.

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