University's faculty might ask for more transparency in new prez search

Nov 22, 2013 The Associated Press

LARAMIE -- The University of Wyoming Faculty Senate is considering a resolution saying that a search for a new UW president be transparent and the names of finalists be made public.

Should it pass next Monday, the resolution would be non-binding.

But Faculty Senate Chairman Colin Keeney said it would send a message to the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees about the faculty's support for transparency.

The proposal follows the resignation of Bob Sternberg after only about four months on the job as president. Sternberg was hired through a mostly closed-door search process. Critics have said that contributed to Sternberg's short stint because an open process would have revealed problems ahead of time.

UW trustees say the Sternberg resignation would not have been affected one way or the other had the hiring process ben open.

Trustees President Dave Bostrom has said there is no plan yet for when a presidential search may start or whether it would be a public or private process.

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