Sternberg made good impression during 'meet and greet' encounter

Nov 27, 2013 Barb Glundenning, Casper


I have been hearing about the departure from the University of Wyoming by the new president, Bob Sternberg. We were eating at a restaurant in Riverton not long ago, and when we came out there was a big crowd in the outer area. Someone said it was a reception for Dr. Sternberg, the new UW president. The next thing I knew, he stepped over to me and introduced himself. He asked what I thought about UW, and I said "it's too cold in Laramie." We both laughed, and I was on my way back home to Casper.

He made a very good impression on me, even though it was just for a minute. I don't know what led him to leave or be pushed out, but I am sorry.

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