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Is the vacant lot in downtown Riverton going to be a junkyard?

Nov 29, 2013 - Harvey Burke, Riverton


So the city is going to do more testing of the dirt in the downtown vacant lot that it owns and has done nothing with other than an insincere attempt to sell it for more than it is worth.

I didn't know used car lots and junkyards needed soil testing, but I guess they do. How much will this end up costing the taxpayers?

There is a car parked in there now with a "for sale" sign and a price on the windshield. And next to the alley is an old, rusting-out pickup with two flat tires that hasn't moved in months. If this vehicle were sitting in front of the curb at my sister's house, someone would have been given a ticket by now, but I guess it's OK to leave a hunk of junk on a vacant lot in downtown Riverton as long as the city owns it. Is that going to be allowed?

This does not make any sense, does it? I think it was better when the little gas station building was still there.

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