The way it was: Cars delivered by train -- 1940

Dec 2, 2013 Staff

From 1940 to 1949, there weren't many new cars available to American buyers.

Design of new models came to a virtual standstill among major brands as the factories were retooled to build military vehicles and aircraft for the World War II effort.

Ford offered only one "new" model year between 1940 and 1948. That came in 1941, and Riverton got four boxcars full of '41s just before Christmas of 1940.

Just two days before the Pearl Harbor attack that launched America into the war, the Chicago and North Western (not "Northwestern") delivered the third shipment of the redesigned cars, billed as "the biggest Ford ever built."

On hand to receive them on behalf of Riverton Garage were, on platform from left, Wes Gamble, Gus Morrow (nearly obscured beside Gamble), Blair Stouffer and Charles Drake, pictured on Dec. 5, 1940.

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