In his old age, Uden decided to trade knowledge for lifelong care and protection at state'

Dec 2, 2013 Harold Goodell, Dubois


Never have the local newspapers published such a sickening or barbaric act as earlier this month in reporting the details of the Uden triple murders. But none will question are cherished right to know.

Of course this tragedy will support the efforts of those working to deny the public right to own firearms, something that would only popular rise other methods of committing such heinous acts.

However, nothing done during this long episode can be seen as effective in deterring other such act as would the promise of being hanged in the public square.

But civilized people do not do such things, while everything else seems to be excusable.

A case in point is that the perpetrator of this awful crime, now too old to support himself, has bargained his knowledge of its details in exchange for his lifelong care and protection.

We must hope that another among us has not been emboldened by this information to challenge the odds.

But we will all benefit from altering our nation's founding cautions, to warn that "the price of freedom and a secure life is eternal vigilance."

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