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New surveillance camera, call box installed at park
City of Riverton technician Tim Hugus used a hydraulic lift to install a security camera at City Park with the assistance of Alex Engelhart. Photo by Wayne Nicholls

New surveillance camera, call box installed at park

Dec 9, 2013 - By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The new equipment is guaranteed by the manufacturer to withstand vandalism.

A new security device has been installed at Riverton City Park, and Riverton Police Department chief Mike Broadhead said the emergency call box will be active within a few weeks.

"It's been in the works for about a year," Broadhead said. "It's a security measure to help us."

The city's budget that was approved in June included an expense for the emergency call box, which sits between the band shell and the skate park.

"It's central to where people hang out," Broadhead said, adding that the spot also provided better electricity access.

The city council agreed with the police department that the device would provide a quick way to deal with incidents reported at the park.

Full electrical connection has not been hooked up on the call box, Broadhead said, and until it has, the device is not fully functional.

He also said the company that builds the systems guarantees they can withstand vandalism.

The call box includes a camera that is installed higher and can monitor activity that is forwarded by a caller after dialing the police department. Soon after the call, police will be able to log on and examine the location the caller gives.

Other cameras

The emergency call box is the first for Riverton and the park, but other cameras also have been installed in the city.

One is located on the light post in the median between the post office and Bomber's Sport Bar on Main Street. The camera records footage that is not accessed until the police department is given a reason to, Broadhead said. The bar also has its own set of cameras with footage that is accessed only in criminal investigations.

Broadhead said another camera was added at Jaycee Park on Sunset Drive when the new playground was installed.

All cameras, he said, are to ensure appropriate security measures are taken when necessary.

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