Dubois Branch Library to request two new positions

Dec 9, 2013 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

The Fremont County Library Board of Trustees says it plans to ask the Fremont County Commission for two new positions at the Dubois Branch Library.

Currently, the county library system is able to use substitutes to keep its operations afloat when staff is out. In Dubois, some of the subs have been working as full-time employees to keep up with the needs of the operation, but they are getting paid as subs.

"By adding the two positions, it would bring down the sub hours," said business manager Rebecca Thomas during the library board's meeting Wednesday. "This would be to get them adequately paid for what they are doing."

Thomas also asked the trustees what day she should try to get on the commission's agenda, and the trustees and Dubois branch manager Teresa Lucas agreed Dec. 23 would be best.

"We are wanting to reconfigure positions in Dubois to help Teresa out," chairman Don Newton said, adding that the board has not had much luck in the past when it has requested increasing staff.

Board members agreed to move forward with the request.

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