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Here's why Udens' remains should be raised from lake

Dec 9, 2013 - Tracy Morrin, Riverton


In response to the letter from Erica Beckett, I was a dear friend of Claire Martin, the mother and grandmother of Virginia Uden and her sons, for more than 30 years.

My friend spent the rest of her life trying to find out what happened to her daughter and grandsons.

She so desperately searched for the truth and answer to the disappearance of her family. She passed away in April without knowing the outcome of he family. In her heart, I believe she knew.

Three years after her family went missing, Claire and I went to Glendo and purchased a burial site. This was to be used if her family's remains were ever found.

I was left with this special request from Claire. I would love, in the memory of my friend, to bury her ashes with the remains of her family.

I cannot imagine the lost and lonely life that my dear friend endured. It breaks my heart for her pain and sadness.

To all those who question whether to try to recover the remains, I ask you to think again, this time with your heart.

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