Governor's 'trust' issues with feds ironic considering what he did to the state education

Dec 12, 2013 Ed Thomas, Kinnear


Recently the governor of Wyoming chose not to accept an expanded Medicaid or to do anything to set up an insurance exchange because he didn't trust the federal government. This is ironic coming from someone who ignored the state constitution and the vote of the people to dismember the Department of Education and bring in a crony from out-of-state to set up a new level of bureaucracy. This action was rubber-stamped by legislators that seem to fear him.

One of your readers questioned the voters who voted for President Obama, calling them idiots. I will not be so present yourself to judge others that way --that is above my pay grade --but I would ask everyone to consider the impact of those currently serving in Cheyenne, and vote them out.

I also plan to look at the list of their donors and see how many of them were bought and paid for by funds from the Koch brothers or one of their front organizations comprised of those who wear teabags on the front of their hats.

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