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On a plane, you could 'never get away' from a cell phone call

Dec 13, 2013 - Kathy Ruskoff. Riverton


I don't know if I am glad or sad that the airlines might let passengers use cell phones on board. But if you fly from Riverton on the 19-seat plane it won't matter very much even if they do allow it. The plane is so noisy you probably couldn't hear a phone call anyway.

Even if you could hear it you would have to yell into the phone or else the caller could never hear you back. So this new permission probably won't make much difference on that flight.

That is what worries me in general. I don't like hearing someone else's phone conversations.

I don't like how some people march around in a store or a restaurant lobby, or in line at the post office talking to their cell phones in a loud voice as if they're the most important people in the room. On an airplane, you'd never be able to get away from it.

And, by the way, does anybody else remember the time when a lot of jet airplanes had cell phones built right into the setbacks? You could make a call with your credit card.

Using those phones was OK then. I wonder if they eliminated those phones because passengers didn't like them. Anyway, perhaps I am alone in thinking it's nice to get away from the telephone for a while. I can't think of anything important I could hear on an airplane that couldn't wait until the plane landed.

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