Take EPA's ruling on reservation to court immediately and 'fight it out'

Dec 16, 2013 Donald K. Breight, Riverton


The EPA now says Riverton is part of the Indian reservation, eh? Who the heck is the EPA to decide that? Take this to court immediately and fight it out.

For this to be based on "air quality" is nonsense. Where is the air quality problem, and what qualifications do the tribes have to monitor environmental quality?

I'm sorry, but look at their record on solid waste. With the county stepping back, solid waste on the reservation is now a joke. The history of the tribes on governing much of anything is very suspect.

The tribal government that is doing all this nice talking about cooperation most likely will be voted out at the next election, and the next one will be voted out after that, and so on. That is the history. If the tribes had any success in government, I might feel different. But no. My prediction is that the EPA will have more trouble with this than they bargained for if they think they are getting a good partner in this arrangement.

As for making this apply to bigger things like taxes and the police, or water supply, that is "putting the cart before the horse," as my father used to day. They are getting ahead of themselves, and it should be taken to court to put as stop to it. I will contribute to the legal fees.

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