Lander swimmers off and running; post 22 state qualifying times

Dec 16, 2013 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

An impressive 22 Class 3-A state qualifying times were achieved by the Lander Valley High School swimmers Friday night in their season opener with the Powell Panthers.

The Class 3-A boys defending state champions downed Powell 106-79 at the Lander Community Pool.

Right after the dual, Lander coach Bruce Gresly put his Tigers through a workout.

"We have a lot of work to do," Gresly said. "They do look pretty sharp, but they look tired."

The Tigers had two weeks of practice before the Powell meet.

"We have to get more conditioned," Gresly said. "I expected them to be this way. They look good for a length or two, then that's it."

Diving winner

Lander diver Andrew Fallin qualified for state in front of his home fans. He scored 166.40 points to earn his automatic trip to state.

"Andrew did exactly what I thought he would do," Gresly said.


The biggest upset of the meet probably came in the the 200-yard freestyle relay, when the Lander B team beat the Lander A team.

Members of Lander B were Caleb Cecrle, Ryan Crawford, Nick Krassin and Tyler Marchetti, who were clocked in a time of 1:46.27.

Zach Noffsinger, Chance Nelson, Justin Ellsworth and Drew Gramlich finished second in a time of 1:46.84.

"I thought that the race could go either way," Gresly said. "That is good competition for us."

Strong performances

Crawford and Gramlich scored the other individual victories for the Tigers.

Gramlich won the 200-yard freestyle in a time of 2:01.63.

Crawford finished first in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:22.90 and won the 100-yard breaststroke after being timed in 1:10.50.

Improved team

"Powell is a very good team," Gresly said. "They have some really good stars in there. I think that they are going to come along really good."

Powell's Jakob Bowers won thee 50-yard freestyle in 24.61.

Bowers also claimed the 100-yard freestyle in 54.44.

Nic Tracy finished first in the 100-yard butterfly in 1:02.59.

Teammate Ben Wetzel took home the 500-yard freestyle in 5:50.75.

Lander swim results from dual vs. Powell Friday night

200-yard medley relay -- 1. Lander (Tucker Russell, Ryan Crawford, Zach Noffsinger, Griffin Leemon, 1:50.81; 4. Lander (Ellis Peterson, Nate Robinson, Andrew Fallin, Tyler Marchetti) 2:06.42.

200-yard freestyle -- 1. Drew Gramlich, Lander, 2:01.63; 3. Justin Ellsworth, Lander, 2:09.81; 4.. Riley Patterson, Lander, 2:18.07; 6. Josh Reed, Lander, 43.34.

200-yard IM -- 1. Ryan Crawford, Lander, 2:22.90; 5. Zach Noffsinger, Lander, 2:46.47.

50-yard freestyle -- 1. Jakob Bowers, Powell, 24.61; 2. Griffin Leemon, Lander, 25.00; 3. STyler Marchetti, Lander, 25.60; 4. Chance Nelson, Lander, 25.61; 5. Nick Krassin, Lander, 26.08; 6. Caleb Cecrle, Lander, 26.15.

1-meter diving -- 1. Andrew Fallin, 166.40; 4. Noah Kreger, Lander, 121.30.

100-yard butterfly --1 Nic Tracy, Powell, 1:02.59; 2. Griffin Leemon, Lander, 1:05.98; 3. Zach Noffsinger, Lander, 1:09.9.

100-yard freestyle -- 1. Jakob Bowers, 54.44; 3. Nick Krassin, Lander, 58.57; 4. Caleb Cecrle, Lander, 58.57; 5. Treyton Martinsen, Lander, 1:07.90; 7. Caleb Burke, Lander, 1:10.55; 8. Dakota Weiss, Lander, 1:15.83.

500-yard freestyle -- 1. Ben Wetzel, Powell, 5:50.78; 2. Justin Ellsworth, Lander, 6:00.45; 3. Riley Patterson, Lander, 6:09.33; 4. Tyler Marchetti, Lander, 6:17.06.

200-yard freestyle relay -- 1. Lander (Caleb Cecrle, Ryan Crawford, Nick Krassin, Tyler Marchetti) 1:46.27; 2. Lander (Zach Noffsinger, Chance Nelson, Justin Ellsworth, Drew Gramlich) 1:46.84.

100-yard backstroke -- 1. Nic Tracy, Powell, 1:01.47; 2. Tucker Russell, Lander, 1:02.20; 4. Ellis Patterson, Lander, 1:07.48; 7. Chance Nelson, Lander, 1:15.86.

100-yard breaststroke -- 1. Ryan Crawford, Lander, 1:10.50; 3. Drew Gramlich, Lander, 1:17.52; 4. Nate Robinson, Lander, 1:20.88.

400-yard freestyle relay -- 1. Lander (Drew Gramlich, Chance Nelson, Griffin Leemon, Tucker Russell) 3:47.88; 2. Lander (Justin Ellsworth, Caleb Cecrle, Riley Patterson, Nate Robinson) 4:12.41.

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