Signs of a spring's arrival

Apr 6, 2012 By Carolyn B. Tyler

The signs of early spring continue to arrive.

On Wednesday it was the house finches, with obvious intentions to build nests. Before that it was the wasps, with similar, albeit less welcome, intentions.

Steve mentioned in his editorial earlier this week that the spring flowers were arriving "with nary a honeybee in sight. This strange early spring could get even stranger," he observed.

The wasps aren't going to change that much, either.

Entomologists say that because wasps are not covered with fuzz, even though they may visit the flowers there is nothing for pollen to adhere to so transporting pollen from flower to flower is difficult for the wasp.

Wasps, they have found, are drawn to flowers with colors on yellow and red-orange wavelengths and so, according to Gurney's Seed and Nursery, are not likely to do much to help Riverton's unofficial city tree, the hopa crabapples which are threatening to bloom nearly a month early.


Last week my sister, Linda Becker, and I attended the ConocoPhillips Philanthropy Committee's grant awards luncheon at which $87,000 was awarded to 28 area groups and organizations.

The event was special to us because among the beneficiaries was the Bess Butler Endowment Fund at Central Wyoming College. That's a scholarship program honoring our mother who died three years ago just shy of her 103rd birthday.

The endowment fund was established by Chapter AP, P.E.O., of which she was a member, and has been the trust for memorials in her name. The scholarships will be awarded annually to a second-year woman student at CWC.

ConocoPhillips gave $6,000 to the college, from which two $2,500 scholarships will be awarded, and $1,000 goes into the Bess Butler Endowment Fund.

In addition to being a generous gift, the ConocoPhillips grant pushed the endowment over the mark for which it now receives matching funds from the state.

It was a proud time for Linda and me when Dane Graham and Lynette Jeffres from the Central Wyoming College Foundation accepted the oversized check with the special designation for our mom.

The Central Wyoming College Foundation serves as the official fundraising and gift-receiving arm of the college. Gifts received by the CWC Foundation are used to support numerous academic programs and scholarships, campus improvements, technology enhancements and other special initiatives, and any contributions to this or any other of the many projects may be sent to Central Wyoming College Foundation 2660 Peck Ave., Riverton, WY 82501.

There is something of a complete circle there for me when memorial donations for my mom go into a fund whose address carries the name of the man/family for whom I have proudly worked for more than 51 years.

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