Dec 20, 2013 The Associated Press

Fuel cleanup nearly done

LARAMIE -- The cleanup of a 500 gallon diesel fuel spill at the University of Wyoming's main energy plant last December is nearly complete.

University workers have excavated 280 cubic yards of soil from the spill site since January. The contaminated soil was taken to a landfill.

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is overseeing the cleanup. Officials there don't believe the fuel contaminated the groundwater, which is 41 feet below the spill site.

Overflow of fuel to a backup generator caused the spill sometime last December but it wasn't discovered until Jan. 23.

The cleanup is expected to cost $50,000.

Teachers newly board certified

CHEYENNE -- Seventy-two K-12 teachers in Wyoming have achieved National Board Certification this year.

Over the past three years, Wyoming has had the second-fastest growth in the nation in its number of accomplished teachers. Hawaii is number one.

The Wyoming Department of Education reports that there are now a total of 497 National Board Certified Teachers in the state.

The state pays Wyoming teachers who achieve National Board Certification a $4,000 stipend.

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