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Congress should consider impeaching the president

Dec 20, 2013 - Gloria Gregory, Riverton


I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am a registered Independent and have voted in every election I was eligible for more than 50 years. It is with great trepidation that I express my belief that the Congress of the United States should seriously consider the impeachment of the President of the United States. Why do I feel such drastic action should be taken?

1. Fast and Furious. Allowing guns to be sold to Mexican cartels to track them, and then losing track. Allowing Mexican cartels free reign in the southwestern U.S. and allowing endangering and murder of border patrol agents and American citizens is something that should not be condoned.

2. IRS. They spy on American citizens, leak financial information for political purposes, subjecting people and groups that have a different political leanings to intrusive questioning and audits. I'll be sure to let you know if I am audited. They "take the fifth" and, in essence, thumb their noses at the Congress and you and me. This is the agency they want to give all your history to do with as they will. There are reports that they are sharing sensitive, personal taxpayer information with the White House. This is the agency that will not only have your financial records, but your health records, too. How safe to you feel having them giving all this information to anyone and everyone?

3. Benghazi. "What difference does it make?" Ask the families of the four men killed what the difference is. Where are the terrorists who President Obama said he would bring to justice? They are drinking lattes in coffee shops while giving interviews to newsmen. Just who gave the order to stand down and not rescue the beleaguered Americans who died? What happened to the "no man left behind" tradition that has been a mainstay for American military for centuries?

4. Keeping an attorney general who has his own personal, and what I think is racist, agenda instead of America's best interest at heart. Not prosecuting violations in the 2008 election. Not allowing states to modify voting laws. Think voter IDs, stricter absentee votes, and shorter number of days to vote -- what's wrong with voting on Election Day? Punishing states that try to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Lying to Congress about journalists and whether they were under surveillance.

5. Not defending our borders and allowing illegal aliens unrestricted entry into the U.S. Allowing the U.S. side of the border to become a no man's land with drug dealers, gun runners and "coyotes" who lead illegal aliens over the border.

Posting signs for American citizens not to enter parts of America along the border because of the danger. Giving de-facto permission and citizenship to a massive number of illegal aliens. Giving them free food, housing and eduction and freedom to commit crimes without fear of legal action. Allowing "sanctuary cities" like San Francisco to exist and make no effort to curtail this policy.

6. Allowing the EPA to run amok and destroy industries and jobs in an effort to appease radical environmentalists. Ignoring legislative procedures and making rules that are crimping the ability of the United States to become energy independent. Vowing to destroy the coal industry, and apparently on the road to success. Not allowing oil exploration and production on U.S. lands, then bragging about it and taking credit for oil production that is taking place on private lands.

7. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is a farce, ill thought-out and fundamentally the beginning of the destruction of the U.S. medical community. It's unaffordable, careless and they act like the know what they are doing. Sign up for the insurance is a dismal failure. Do you realize the computer programming for the ACA was outsourced to a Canadian firm? Do you realize the actual programming language was outsourced to India? So much for American jobs. Spending about $100 million to set up a program that doesn't work. Add this to the fact that the system is very insecure. According to reports it is identity theft waiting to happen.

Fortunately, I do not have to sign up for Obamacare, but the loss of services and medical personnel can affect me in a very bad way. Think long waiting times, not days or weeks, but months. Think of the lack of available physicians who will retire because they cannot work under such restricted guidelines. Think "death panels" that they say will never happen. Yeah, sure, I believe that. Think of all the Canadians who come to the the U.S. because their system doesn't work. And they expect the ACA to work?

8. My final concern is money. President Obama ha no conception of money. It's there, so let's spend it. Did you know that by law the president must have a budget each year? How many budgets has he signed? None. How many do you think he plans to sign? None. Now he want the debt limit raised -- oh, I'm sorry, he wants the debt limit gone so he does not have to control his spending. He wants a blank checkbook so he can share this largesse with his cronies like green energy projects (that failed badly), unions, campaign donors and companies that took bailouts. And, oh, yes, we must send his family and a few hundred dear friends on multi-million vacations. Do you know it costs about $177,000 per hour for Air Force One, and when you think of the number of vacations they used the plane, the cost was astronomical. His administration gives money and services to anyone who will vote to keep him in power. Things like two years of unemployment benefits, food stamps to any and all who want them -- not need them. How about the free phones with 250 minutes, Now they are advertising to sign up for food stamps and free phones. When will the giveaways stop?

With the government shutdown, national parks, monuments, even waterways were not exempt because the operators were not essential personnel. Good grief, even the the dead were punished by closing national cemeteries and not taking care of the families that have died protecting our country. Do you suppose the White House food staff was still working, or do you think the first family was ordering from Pizza Hut?

The president doesn't want to negotiate with "those" Republicans because the thinks they will be blamed for (gasp) fiscal responsibility.

Oh yes, let's remember that under his watch all the government paid-for parties government workers had. Remember the manager who was drinking wine in a hot tub on our dollar? Remember the line dancers who partied at our expense? These are but two examples of hundreds, or even thousands or spending sprees not curtailed by the administration. Think about those poor government workers who were furloughed and got unemployment. Do you think they repaid the unemployment when they got their back pay? How many will get overtime now that they are back to work? There are some workers who stayed on the job with no pay, and I salute them, just as I salute the military who keep on alert for us even as they are disrespected by the administration that cuts of benefits for the families of deceased military men and women. Thank you, Chuck Hagel, for meeting the incoming casualties recently. This was the first time you bothered, and only because of the publicity.

The government is spending $1 trillion each year more than it takes in. That would take the entire income for a year from 20 million families earning $50,000 a year. The government is out of control, and the leader of the government is the president. What do yo think needs to be done? Can anyone justify the actions of the president for any of the questions I brought up?

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