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Dear Santa ...

Dec 24, 2013 - Santa letter writers



Dear Santa Claus:

I Loved the presents Last year. This year I would like: my daddy, a real moneky, friends ...

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KIRRA LOVED THE PRESENTS Dear Santa Claus: I Loved the presents Last year. This year I would like: my daddy, a real moneky, friends cuddles my giggly monky, sparkle untimate nailed bodry art stion, puppy saint Brnorrd or chocolate ladreal, tommy Boy the movie. Kirra, 7 A COMPUTER FOR SANDRA Dear Santa: I wont a computers for crismis. From Sandra, 8 SOMEONE WANTS SKY LANDKE Santa: I wat a sky Landke. Anonymous HAILERY REMEMBERS SHE WANTS A FISH Dear Santa: This year I want a weving kit. I am not sher what I want how is your reindeer? Oh! And I want a fish I relly want a fish please. From your firnd, Hailey, 7 PLEASE BRING AISYLINNE SOMETHING NICER Dear Santa: Santa I wot a Dis and ho buck of gamse and a new Bicex and a new aty Because my aty is men so I wot a new aty. Aisylinne, 1st grade AFTON KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS Dear Santa: Hamene eFs do you hav I wut to know. And a boby iskrem shop. And a drooklyn dol I know I wood like it I just know. Love, Afton, 7 JUST A LIST FROM ADRIANN Dear Santa: Sttuf rudlph rudlph slipprs ellsa ana stuf drulph move brbes Adriann, 6 HUNTER WANTS TO PET THE DEER, PLAY THE DRUMS Dear Santa: Can I pet the raindear I want a I Pad and a play stashin and drums. Hunter, 6 ADDISON: SOMBIES, WRESLRS AND SHARKS, PLEASE Santa: I whant Gears of War toys and sombie legos and wreslrs that are toys and Star Wrse Toys and Shark toys. Addison, 6 STAR WARS FAN ETHAN GIVES SANTA ADVICE Dear Santa Clause: How are things in the north pole doing? I'll tell you some things I want most for Christmas. The thing I want most for Christmas is the Ewolk Village 2013. P.S. It's a lego set in case you didn't know. The second thing I want for Christmas is the Super Star Destroyer. P.S. It's a nother lego set. So Santa, are your elfs working hard? I bet you guys are still hard at work. Are you guys almost done with all of the toys? Because you better be getting done soon because it's almost Christmas. P.S. Is Mrs. Clause okay? Sincerely, Ethan Forbis, 8 SIBLINGS WERE GOOD, WILL LEAVE MILK Dear Santa: You were nice when I sat on your lap. I would like a minion please, and Adi wants a toy. We are being good. I will leave you some milk. Love, Asher and Adi RYANNNEN IS HONEST ABOUT HER BEHAVIOR Dear Santa: My name is Ryannen Behan. I am 6 years old. I have been a good girl sometimes. My wish list is roller skates, a bike, a light toy, a ball,and a hat that lights up. P/S I am leaving you Kool-aid and Santa cookies. Your pal, Ryannen Bhean. Please bring Rylee home. YOUNG FAN TAYLOR WANTS TO SHOW POKES PRIDE Dear Santa: I have mostly good this year. I want a chrismis domino and a wyoming cowboys hat and shrt same. Taylor, 6 SANTA'S OLDMAN BUDDIES ASK HIM TO STOP BY Dear Santa: Our names are Lamian and Samantha R. Oldman. We have been good children this year. Sammy wants a doll, baby stroller, play kitchen, a Minnie Mouse play set and a Doc McStuffins Dr. set. Lamian wants a toy tractor, dump truck, a walker, a stroller and a Mickey Mouse Couch. Please Stop By Our House. P/S We will leave Hot Cocoa and Brownies. Thank You, Your Oldman Buddies, Baby Sammy and Lamian MEKIA THINKING OF GRANDMA Dear Santa: I have been a good girl. I am in kindergarten at Arapahoe school. I would like skates, a ball, make-up, a cup for my Grandma Carla and a blanket. I wish my mom was home with me this Christmas. I forgot I want a Baby doll. P/S I will leave you chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies. Your Friend, Mekia Geboe. SANTA, REINDEER DON SPACESUITS FOR EVAN Dear Santa: My name is Evan Oldman. I am 5 years old. I have been a good boy. My wish list is a skateboard, scooter, soccer ball, and a monster truck. A toy gun, BIG building blocks. You might have to go to outerspace to get the blocks. I will listen for your reindeers when you bring my gifts. P/S I am leaving you cookies and applejuice. Love, Evan Oldman ZAY'LYNN CURIOUS ABOUT NORTH POLE Dear Santa, I wish for "Stompeez." How are things in the north pole? Sincerely, Zay'lynn Hunsberger HEARTHACHE TO BE OVER FOR MJ Dear Santa, My name is Mj Oldman. I have been good this year. My wish list is Madden NFL 25 game, call of duty Ghosts game, a Wes Welker Broncos jersey, and a kill switch engage cd called The End of Heartache. P/S I will leave milk and cookies for you. Your friend, Mj Oldman JU JU HOPES FOR A STAR Dear Santa: My name is Dominic Geboe. I am 5 years old. I have been a good boy. My wish list is a skateboard, a toy gun, a bike, a star, a sword. P/S I will leave you snacks for when you come. From, Ju Ju ENCOUNTER CONVINCES MADYSON TO BELIEVE Dear Santa, I wish for an Ipad mini. I feel bad for some kids because their parents tell them that your not real. I believe in you because one time that I was in Arizona I woke up at like really early in the morning and heard the bells on you're boots jingle. I was trying to find the "Santa stop here" ornament but don't know where or what store it's in. I promise that I have good grades an have been nice. I hope things are going well at the north pole. The nice one, Madyson Hunsberger ELLANIE'S GOT A LUCKY DOLL Dear Santa Clase, How is Pranser? How are you elfs? I hope good. How is Mis Clase? How are the randeer? The most thaning I wont for Chrimes is American girl hows. The next thaning that I wont for Chrimes is American girl car. The therd thaning I wont is American girl exeres. Thanc you for the gifts. Ellanie Forbis, 6 years old MCAYE KNOWS WHAT EVERYBODY WANTS Dear Santa, Are you staying warm at the North Pole? I hope you are and can you do me a favor and tell Mrs. Clause, the reindeer, and all the elves "hi" for me, please. I hope you are all staying warm. Actually, I would like to know if my family is on the naughty or nice list. I would really like it if they are all on the nice list. For Christmas I would like the DVD movie "Smurfs 2," Candy Nerds, the DVD movie "Despicable Me 2," and Skechers slip-on slippers with sparkles on them. Tye would like the DVD movie "Planes," and the big pedal tractor at the John Deere store that has a trailer that goes with it. Camey would like Troll beads and gift cards for clothes. Macey would like the big furry zebra stripe pillow and Troll beads. Mom would like a new pair of black Skecheres slip-on slippers and a trip to a tropical destination. Dad would like a trip to a tropical destination, also, and the DVD movie "Grown Ups 2." So now you know what everyone would like for Christmas. I will write you another letter when you come to visit my house. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! Stay warm and travel safe! Sincerely, McAye Fegler, age 9 P.S. My address is Arapahoe, WY 82510 SANTA LOOKING FORWARD TO COOGEZ AND MIL FROM KYLIE Dear Santa: I would like a real guitar to play, a barbie dream hoose, baby with a crib, make up. I will poot coogez and mil 4 Santa Clus. Love you, Kylie, 7 CANISTA WANTS TO BE A PRINCESS Dear Santa: I want my friendship bracelit maker. Princess ninels and Princess crown and a Princess dress. Your friend, Canista, 7 SANTA NEEDS A GIANT SLEIGH FOR TRAVIS'S GIFTS Dear Santa: I want a wii u pikmine and a Giant jar of pickles wiana sasigls a weh shoater and I have ben a vary good boy. I Want all the games in the wold Pikman4 EDSX1 a Giant Bag of jollyranchers a bonck bed a huge bag of candy. And a Lava Lamp. Your frend, Travis SANTA TO BRING KYLE A RADIO STATION OR VIDEO GAMES Dear Santa: I want a WYYU. I want IkMTN3 and a skatbte helecopter. Kyle, 6 ARAYLIA'S DOLLS NEED FRIENDS Dear Santa: Sum Barby, Araylia, 6 AVALOU CONCERNED FOR SANTA'S HEALTH Dear Santa: Are you cold at the North Pole? I would like Monster High kol 2. Merry Christmas, Avalou Born, 5 LEAVE SOME OUT JUST IN CASE Dear Santa: I want a XA Boxe. Will you eat cookies? Curious kid, 5 SANTA WORRIED CASEY REALLY WANTS A REINDEER MOUNT Dear Santa: I want a toy crossbow, an electric race car track, and a new shotgun. How are you doing? How is roodoff? Sincerely, Casey Crippen SEAN CHECKS TWICE WITH SANTA Dear Santa: I wish for a toy Transformer Ultimite Prime truck because I was a good boy this year. Remember Santa, I moved last month. Sincerely, Sean, 7 BRAYDEN GETS READY FOR HALLOWEEN AT CHRISTMAS Deer Santa: I want Lego Star Wars and Nerf guns, pirit costums, troprs, rebls knight costums. Paint war costums, paintball guns, Lego Star Wars the game. Redrdenchun Skirun gis for mykasl. Brayden QUENTEN LOOKS OUT FOR HIS BROTHER Der Santa: I wot a mocthrol hilucopter. I thek my lilte bruther wud like a toy puppe. Quenten JACOB HAS A NEED, A NEED TO WEAVE Dear Santa: Why did you come erly last year? But this year I would like square looms and some more string pplese. Oh and by the way, I would like to see one of your rain deer whiten is rodoph. Your friend Jacob PRESTLEY ASKS POLITELY Dear Santa: Ma I pes hav a mak u set. And a doe and a tunl for me and siira bkaand Love, Prestley EVERYONE TO COPY KALLION'S LIST NEXT YEAR IF IT WORKS Dear Santa: I want a robot and racsee car and a pupee. Kallion, 6 CHLOE ASKS FOR A GAME Dear Santa: Deg trol gam. Chloe BRADLEY TRADING COOKIES FOR A GUITAR Dear Satu: I want a fame gam and kan you a gitr toe and kan you eat my coces? Luve, Bradley, 6 STORM HOPES FOR SHAPE-CHANGING BLOCKS Dear Santa: What I want for Christmas is a ten kine knights and an iPad. Thank you, Storm, 7 LLOYD LOOKING TO UPGRADE Dear Santa: What I ant for Christmas is Pad and a new phone. Thank you, Lloyd, 8 LEGO FOR DONOVIN Dear Santa: I wont a woch ples and I wont a Lego Ninju prsin and I wont six Legos and I wont coolcns. Donovin, 6 SANTA WON OVER PRISCILL Dear Santa: I wod like a Ipad and hie hils and I wod like a cinda fire and I wod like you for chrismiss. I love you Santa, you are the best. Priscill, 6 FUTURE ENGINEER ALEX STARTING HIS CAREER Dear Santa: I wont a micraft toy ples. Alex, 6 AN IPAD IS ON JADAN'S LIST Dear Santa: I wan a Ipad. I want a Lido fon. I wont a brbe. I wont a big babe. I want a crunlbooc with crul. I wont a cractruc. I wont a Bic and nals. Jadan, 6 MAKAYLA KNOWS SANTA LOVES HER Dear Santa: I want a iPod and a phon. I love you Santa. And I want a 3DS, and I know that you love me. Makayla, 6 LEGO AND XBOXES FOR ETHAN Dear Santa: I mot a Xbox 360 and Xbox 1. Call of Dute Lego Trbo Lego. Ethan, 6 A PUPPY FOR CASEY Dear Santa: I wunt a dog and a soomr and a toa car that can griv and a bawse hows and a rok stor. Casey, 6 AND A CAT FOR ESAI Dear Santa: I wot a tablit and a bic and a lago-2 and a bapac and a cat and a moc r bo and a plasachtashen and a books bas it. Esai, 6 GABE APPRECIATES PRESENTS, HOPES FOR JUST THREE MORE Dear Santa: I just don't what what I'm doing, but I love you and I like all the presents I have. I would like an air hog, I also want a remote control airplane, and a black easy-bake oven. And that's all. Jesus loves you. Love, Gabe SLADE BUILDING REMOTE CUNCHULED ARMADA Dear Santa: I would like a airhog and a remote cunchuled healukopter and a remote cunchuled monster truck and a purtend gleerrmy machine gun and a giant brown and black stuffed dog and a giant stufy. Slade NATALIYA SETTING UP HOUSE Dear Santa: I want a play house, scooter, chr, sled, calender, table with chairs. From Nataliya SANTA A FAVORITE WITH KIERRA Dear Santa: I wot a bae cat and ai wont a maup ave set. A crism tre and a worgn and I love Santa. I don't love no wun mor. Kierra MEGAN WANTS HER DOLL TO BE COMFORTABLE Dear Santa: I want a toy that is called Alive Baby and a medium bed for Alive Baby and a fake bottle milk for Alive Baby and a chair for Baby Alive. Love, Megan DALLIN CURIOUS ABOUT REINDEER Dear Santa: Tes are the then I wont for christmas if I am good. I want sciladers swop force. And pichrs of rander. And I wont to know how meny rader tar is. Is rodof rel? Dallin, 8 A DOG AND A DOLL FOR ESMERALDA Dear Santa: I wot foar Chumas is a dog and a Lustin Bierber doll and a stutagr and a montr hymacup anda cat and a bobedoll and a bune and a one drethin dook. Esmeralda, 6 MORE QUESTIONS THAN REQUESTS Dear Santa: there is going to Be a note on my table and a paper. I wrote that and there is some questions to answer and there's a hard question it say's I want a picture of your reindeer and what is Mr. Peeps favorite food? What is Mr. Peeps favorite color? And can you please make a roof for our cathouse For the brothers we really want a set of air markers and a Airsoft. Questioning kid POPPING AND BOUNCING IN STORE FOR PARKER Dear Santu: I wont a kindl fyr. And a lago we set and a popcrn macre and a tramplen and a black spider man toy. Parker, 7 TIGERS AND TIGERS AND TIGERS OH MY Dear Santa: for Chris a tigrsirte with a staf and whitetigr. Stuffed white tiger and an orange tiger. Love, Grace, 7 'OWE AND NO WAR' SAYS MALACHI Dear Santa: I want leggos and I wrmote cuntrl car. 1 big scrym T.V. 200$ I raider fnt ball bat I'm sorey if was being to harsh. Owe and a poster and no war. By Malachi, 7 YOUNG POKE WANTS ONE, NO TWO MOVIES Dear Santa: I want a cowboy hat and a movie. I want 2 movies. I want Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Big Ugly lie and monsters University to and a bike boots to. Patrick, 9 IZAIAH DOESN'T WANT THE OTHER CINDE Dear Santa: I want a xbox360 the cinde of game that I want is Mindcraft and Assassins Creed III. Izaiah, 6 ONE LUCKY BARBIE Dear Santa: I wish for a Barbie Dolls and a Barbie house I wish for a Ipad. I wish for a tablet I wish for a Barbie car I wish for a X Box 360, 2DS, 3DS, DS and I wish for make-up Brz, 8 A DECK OF CARDS MIGHT BE CHEAPER Dear Santa: Lego Optimus prime big. Remote controlled monster truck. Tablet with a card game. 1 million dollars. Future millionaire, 7 AJU MAKES A SIMPLE REQUEST Dear Santa: I want a votokttole Iu. Aju, 6 KATERINE WOULD LIKE A FARTY GU Dear Santa: I want to see Roudof he red nose raindeer. I want a stuff Roudof the red nose rain deer. I want a string that is any color. I want some farty gu. I want a new food (fake) and Disnis. Your friend, Katerine, 6 PADEN READY FOR A NERF WAR Dear Santa: Can I have every nerf toy how meny elfs send me a list of rayn dears names. Paden Steven, 6 ELIZABETH ASKS IF RUDOLPH IS FOR RILS Dear Santa: I want a littl bit uf toes ples and a toe feet thene not the wun that mshoch lor feet the wun you rest. Is red no rader for rils? Elizabeth Abeyta, 7 GAVIN HOPES SANTA CAN MAKE IT Dear Santa: What I want for cristmas is a Big horse and a Big swim fin for your feet and I wish you could cume too town. Gavin, 7 MONSTER HIGH POPULAR WITH KAIDYN TOO Dear Santa: I want a manstr hie Note Book and a manstr hie Brbee anda crose Boe and a dog with a pink Boe and black and brown fur. Kaidyn, 6 QUESTIONS DON'T STOP JOSHUA FROM BELIEVING Dear Santa: I wut ia a Des and iPod. How do git in my home because I don't hav a chime. Joshua IPAD, POD ON THE LIST FOR EVA Dear Santa: I wont for chrismiss is a Ipad and a pupe skoodr and a Ipod Ifone and can I pet roodoff the red no ran deer From Eva, 6 SANTA HAD BETTER GET JENNA A FLATSCREEN Dear Sanat: I wich for a frat sclen T.V. I wiwy wont one Sanat. Jenna 'IS IT COLD?' KATELYNN ASKS Dear Santa: Is it cold in the noth Pol. I wont for crimms is monstrbie. I wt a cite cwut is penit. Katelynn Hallock, 6 ARIONNO WANTS TO LOOK GOOD WHILE ON PHONE Dear Stana, I like a toy phone and makeup. Arionno, 5 ANNISSA DREW A PICTURE OF BOTH HER REQUESTS Dear Santa, I would like a baby doll and bike. Annissa, 5 DARRELL HAS BATMAN ON HIS MIND THIS YEAR Dear Santa, Batman I like a Batman toy. Darrell, 5 JUST ONE THING ON NELLIE'S LIST Dear Santa, I like a Elftoy. Nellie, 6 KENYAN WILL LET SANTA DECIDE FOR HIM DearSta, I like a present Christmas. Kenyan, 5 TRANSPORTATION IS JULIAN'S REQUEST Dear Santa, I like a Batman car. Julian, 5 HALO TRUCK FIRST THING FOR ALECA Dear Santa, Hello I like a halo truck and elf toy and phone, barbie, ken doll. Aleca, 5 COREY WANTS TO GO FAST FOR CHRISTMAS Dear Santa, A I like a race coor. Corey, 5 FAMOUS DOLL COUPLE WOULD PLEASE CARMALYN Dear Santa, I like a Barbie Ken doll. Carmalyn, 5 MARCELLUS ASKS SANTA TO REMEMBER CONTROLLERS Dear Santa, A x box and a skateboard games and controllers. Marcellus, 5 DONNICO STRESSES QUANTITY TO SANTA Dear Santa, I would liker lots of toys. Me K Mrs. St. Donnico, 5 BUTTERFLY DOESN'T GET SPECIFIC Dear Santa, I would like a game. Butterfly, 5 DAYNE DREW FIVE CARS WITH HIS LETTER Dear Sant, I wou ldlikea car. Dayne, 5 DS IS JOSEPH'S ONE AND ONLY ITEM Dear Santa, i wou like a DS. Joseph, 5 JORDAN PRAISES WYOMING HAMBURGER Dear Santa, I would like a scooter and a bike. Wyoming hamburger is the best. Jordan, 5 AFTON INQUIRES ABOUT SANTA'S EYESIGHT Dear Santa, Are you happy? How many randier do you have? Do you wer glasis? I thek you do. I hope you will give me a preset. I wuta Santa Clos doll. And a bobrie teve. Love, Afton, 7 A THEME IS CLEAR IN ALIKAH'S LIST Dear Santa, Old Dog MAkeup Make Up BallBS Swegset Make Up Make Up Make Up Chutoy! Love, Alikah AURORA'S LETTER HAD A CANDY CANE ATTACHED Dear Santa, How are you and Mrs. Claus doing this Christmas and your reindeer doing? I would like some pink flame also a stuffy and the white and tan giant puppy from Smith's. Last I would like a pair of toe socks. Love you lots, Aurora Lorde Heidenreich SHERIDAN SAYS SHE'S SANTA'S BEST FRIEND Dear Santa, I have been mostly good this year. I what a new HP computer. A some games. 1. assenasens creed 3 and 4 modern warfare 3. a new xbox 360 light up controller. a sling shot. all of (the santa close move). Merry Christmas. Your best friend, Sheridan, 10 SANTA WILL RECOGNIZE FALLION'S HOUSE BY COLOR Dear Santa, I have been mostly good. I want a monitor truck and Lego game. My house is yellow. Your friend, Fallion, 6 Grade K ADRIANN WON'T GET COLD FEET Dear Santa, Stuf Rudolph Rudolph sliprs elsu Ada Sevn Rudolph more Adriann, 6 FRYBREAD SNACK WILL BE WAITING FROM JOELLA Dear Santa, I hope you are doing well. I'll have my auntie make from frybread and chokecherry gravy, cookies, and carrots for your reindeer. I want a doll house and a Barbie car,, cowboy boots, and a cowgirl dress. Merry Christmas. Thank you, Joella White Antelope STELLA STRESSES SAFETY FOR SANTA'S FLIGHT Dear Santa, I am going to leave some hot cocoa for you and an apple for your reindeer. Please fly careful and wear you seatbelt. I want a Monster High Doll, with doll clothes and kid makeup, with a Monster High purse. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ho Hou, Stella Elizabeth White Antelope KRYSTA'S LETTER WRITTEN IN BOTH INK AND BRAILLE Dear Santa, I want a piano. I want a guitar. I would like a Kindle Fire. I want a big beachball. Love, Krysta Hubbard DEMS LIKES SANTA'S SENSE OF HUMOR Dear Santa, Abike and 3bs and a moster high dolls and a 3 ds gams and a maryo 2 and a stuff aml cat. Santa is fun and funny. Dems, 8 STEVEN WOULD HUG A FUZZY ELF Dear Santa, I word ilk a malt helkoptr. I would like to have an elf -- one of your elves. I would hug it all night because they are fuzzy. Steven, 7 SAVANNAH ASKS FOR SOME FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS Dear Sata, I wwht a barbedol and a toy like a My little Pone. And a laptop, And a cat, a bear, a horse and a bat. Savannah, 6 HIGH-END ELECTRONICS WILL DO FOR TEDDY Dear Santa, For Christmas I want an Xbox 360 with some games especially Call of duty ghosts but I also was and a Ipad 4 and a 30-inch flat screen and a nerf rapid fire and a nerf mega shot and also a new 3DS with 3 games the games are Donkey Kong country 3D the Amazing Spiderman and Lego City. Thank you Santa. p.s. Say Hi to Mrs. Claus Teddy DECLAH WANTS PRESENTS, AND SHE HAS ONE FOR SANTA Dear Santa I want Skylander swop force, Bouncer, sap, slam bam swop force guys, China stuff Lego minckraft, X-Box-360 Skylanders spryos aventure. We will giv you a present on Christmas Day. Your friend, Declah Hutchison MARIA DREW PICTURES OF BARBIE FRIENDS Dear Santa, I want a BarBie Doll I wat 4 anda Bike mene please. Maria JESSEA HAS LOTS OF NOTE-TAKING PLANNED Dear Santa, I want a XBox360 and a new 3DS and a Big teddy BEar and a noter Baby Brother and a neew Barbie and 60 notebooks and a 2 phone and a 646 food, and a I want a ipad and laptop the and Jessea McGill DESTINY WOULD CONTROL HER DOG REMOTELY Dear Santa, I want a 3DS, a toy Dog that you can move with a remote, monster hive doll, notebook a stuff animal. Destiny Third grade AIR HOCKEY TABLE WOULD BE FUN FOR SAVANNAH Dear Santa, How many dogs do you have and what are their names Can I have a air hockey table? how many elves do you have? and what are your elves names? Have a marry Christmas Love, Savannah MADELYN'S DAD WORKS IN AUSTRALIA Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like my dad to be home He works in Australa I would like tall boots and Hello Kitty Clothes. Thank you. Love, Madelyn DAKOTA FAVORS GIFTS RELATED TO ANIMALS Santa Dear Santa I want gun, and car, and cream animal tablet, DS, game, stuffanumal, and a lego set, a toy deer tiger toy. Dakota First grade FIONA TELLS SANTA SHE IS A GOOD GIRL I am a good girl. I deserve to have Lalaloopsy stickers and Dora. Your friend Fiona, 5 SOFIE WILL ALWAYS LOVE SANTA Dear Santa, I will always love you I want a lot of tobys, and my own puppy and a barb doll house. From Sofie Duran, 4 ADIN'S LIST INCLUDES A HAMSTER WITH A WHEEL Dear Sants, I have been a good boy this year. I want a disney infinity game for the playstation 3,COD ghosts, the Super MAruo 3D land for the wiiV, a stuffed Santa that says ho ho ho, an iPhone with games, a pet hamster with food and a wheel. Thank you. Adin Duran, 7 TAJIA SAYS A ROOM OF HER OWN WOULD BE NICE Dear Santa, I want a Bike a ipdad a ipod a puppy and tv laptop clothes and pants snow pants my own room my own playstation 3 my own phone. Love Tajia Mossst BRECKEN AND HIS BROTHER ARE FOOTBALL FANS Dear Santa, I have been good I want a Dallscowboys helmet and a Broncos helmet for my brother and a cow trailer Take care of reindeer. Love Brecken, 7 KYLER LOOKING FORWARD TO SOME LEGOS THIS YEAR Dear Santa, Ive been good this year. I want a shake for Christmas. I also want Legos. Say I to the Bumbi. Your friend Kyler, 5 MOYA HAS TRIED TO BE GOOD Dear Santa, I have tried to be very good this year. For Christmas, I want an Ariel toy, a Flouder toy, a toy King Triton, a toy cat with a brush, a sea witch toy, a shark, a Prince Eric toy, prince Eric's puppy, the Chef and Sabastian. I also want some red paint. I will leave you brownies and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. Love, Moya Hutchison and Flounder, 4 NANO WOULD LIKE A CUP MADE OF GLASS Dear Santa, O was okay this year. I want a big truck and an arc. a water bottle and a cup madd of glass. Your friend Nano LAILA KNOWS WHAT SANTA DOES FOR KIDS Dear Santa, I have been ver good this year. Pleze Breing me a 4-Wheeler an a now stuffed puppy. how are your elves? thank you aore all you do for all the kids loe you. Laila Mackie BOOKS HAVE TOP SPOT ON KAILA'S WISH LIST Dear Santa, Hey Santa how was your spring? Mine was awesome. I would like a book called Junie B. Jones and the Magic tree House book Sunset of the Sabertooth. I hope you fly safe. Kaila, 7 MONEY MIGHT BE BEST IDEA FOR JADA Dear Santa i Relly need Money Because, i Relly like toys. I Relly Relly want a Big giant purse. i might have fought with my bro many times. Jada Frank A PUPPY FOR JUSTIN, PLEASE, IF YOU ARE REAL I wood like you to tell evry Body you are not rill If you are rill i want puppy and sic and a cat and a Brd and Tiggr and you give me samthing Ples. Justin KAITLIN SUGGESTS PINK CLOTHES FOR HER BARBIE Dear Santa, I would like a teddy bear and some stickers. I would also like a seal & and dolphin. I would a rocking chair. A brother for teddy. A barbie with pink clothes. Love Kaitlin, 4 preschool LOTS OF FIREPOWER ON IAN'S GIFT LIST Dear Santa For Christmas I want a Gear of War Marks with a chansaw gun and carmine to with a chansaw gun to and a halo guy to and I want a car track. From Ian SANDRA SEEKING A BOX FOR HER JEWELRY Dear Santa If you go to wombat you go to the pals were the Julry is you see a Julry box I wont it. From Sanrda KEIRA HOPING FOR A GLIMPSE OF RUDOLPH Dear Santa I wont ta see the roodofs nose Ples can U came? Kierra AMELIA ISN'T VERY DEMANDING OF SANTA Dear Santa I would like CDs for Christmas how are the reindeer it must be cold will you bring my present. I don't mind if you don't. Thank you. Your friend, Amelia, 7 CALUM WISHES FOR TOYS FOR EVERYONE Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. I hope you have a safe trip. Please give all of the kids toys. Your friend, Calum Tate, 2 A CHEERFULGREETING TO SANTA FROM ELIOT Dear,Santa Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho Eliot Tate, 4 DAVIAN KNOWS HE HAS BEEN GOOD Dear Santa I want a car helicopter Rase track I have been good Chain tablt 3DS fum Davian, 6 OLIVIA CARES ABOUT SANTA'S REINDEER Dear Santa I want a flipeez and a kindle fire. how are you doing? are your reindeer fine? Love, Olivia 2 grade age 7 ACTION FIGURES ARE DAVIN'S FAVORITES Dear Santa,'I have been good this year. I want the new Batman arkam origins game for 3DS. And a mega nerf gun. Also some action figures. Sincerely, Devin Spoonhunter NICHOLAS HAS TWO WISHES FOR SANTA Dear Santa I wish for a roping dumme and a shotgun. from Nicholas BLUE WOULD BE WARM WHILE PUNCHING Dear Santa, I wood want Saints Row 4th I want a coat and I want a moster truck punching bag. Blue Jay Kojak Whiteman DREW ASKS SANTA FOR GIFTS FOR BUMBLE Dear Santa, I would like a I Phone 5 that's blue. A a snow bord for bumbles, a police out fit for bumbles, a elf on the shelf, and pajamas for bumble. A nuther bumble that has a green jacket that says fusle. From Drew SANTA, HOW ABOUT A COWBOY SHIRT FOR JACOB? Dear Santa, I love boots, a new football, a new cowbow shirt iPod5, a new toy truck. by Jacob Weber IPOD IS LOGAN'S TOP CHOICE I wote a IPod tuch,a willu, and a Rusl Welsen gray and a Drdy cafr. A bumey bag. Amd wore badlle. thratoon to mhy igto a frag micrh. Logan Davis YEISI WANTS PROTECTION WHILE PLAYING HOCKEY Dear Santa I wold like new helmet for hokey for Christmas. And a IPhone 5 for Christmas to. Sind Yeisi Cortez EZRA'S QUESTION: IS RUDOLPH'S NOSE SHINING? Dear Santa, I want bow n arrow,a air gun xbox, a bebe gun, a Manning poster. How is rodof is his nose shining? Love, Ezra A PHONE AND A GAME FOR CALEB, SANTA Dear Santa, I would like to have an iPod Touch and minecrafty on it. Sincerely, Caleb PEYTON MANNING JERSEY PART OF ZANE'S LIST Dear Santa I wood lke for Christmas A new fishing pole, a new iPod five, a elf on the shelf, a new football, A nerf gun, two fake sords, a PS4, XBox 1, close, A IPhone 5, shotgun 20 gage, A Manning jersy, a DS, ball full of money but put 800 dolles and just a little ball. from Zane Reynolds EMMI WOULD ENJOY SOME COUNTRY CDs Dear Santa I want a IPod touch, jewlry, a chalk bord, weaving kit, boots, pottery set, skirts, dresses, jewlry box, dairy,k Dallas Cowboy cheer outfit, paint set, crowns, rings, friendship maker,l puzzles, elf, leather jacket, books, sparkly shoes, kitting set, crafts, drum set, microphones, games, and a bike , and country music CDs. Emmy Weber NO QUESTION BRANSON IS A FAN OF THE EAGLES I would like for Christmas teenymate, more racecars, drit bike, Eagles jersey, Obox 30, IPod, DS, Eagles football, Eagles helmet signed by Nick Foles, Eagles jacket, Eagles hat. Branson Saltsgaver CARTER HAS A HIGH COMPLIMENT FOR SANTA I want to know how good I am. You are the best man in the hole world. I want a pellet gun. I want elf on the shelf, new nerf gun (any kiund), a blanket, a minecraft toy, dominoes and a Steeles jersey. Thank you. Sincerely, Carter Noseep DESHAUN'S STICKERS SHOULD GLOW IN THE DARK Dear Santa, I want for Christmas this year is zommr and a chock bord, a cofe set and glow in the dark stickers, and a cowluynder and a teddy bear. Deshaun Behan DESTINY MISSES HER DOG THIS CHRISTMAS Dear Santa, I wood like to get my dog back and a ipod Phone and a pupy. and a tufers Back, and a gloo inthe drok. Destiny LaJeunesse JUST A 'FEW THINGS' FOR SYDNEE Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? I hope you and Mrs. Claus ave a mary chrismas. Here is my fw things on my Chrismas list, I want a elf on the shelf, DSI games, mind craft game. Sydnee Jevne LILLIAN PLANS TO DONATE TWO BLANKETS Dear Santa, I am going to donate the two blankets I asked for Christmas next year. I want a girl elf on the shelf. Lillian B Nowland KYLE ROUNDS OUT HIS LIST WITH CASH Dear Santa, I want a tabllit ad the marker arberyus and markers. and sum t shirts and tye dye and mine craft on a Xbox 360 and a robot and my own computer and a gum pak and one hundrid dollers. How are your elfes Miry christmas Kyle Mann MADISON WISHES FOR COLORFUL DRESSES Dear Santa, I want a Emily Doll. Some clothes for my doll. I want a computer. I want a frienship bracelet maker. I want a necklace with a heart on it. I want a iPhone 5. I want a xbox1. I want a pink, yellow, black, orange dress. I want a puppy. I want a glow in the dark BFF neckalce I want two. from Madison Fossey TYMBERLEE WANTS TO PLAY PERCUSSION Dear Santa I want a base for my guitar. and a Iphone 5 and a new set of drums. Tymberlee Stanley1 ISABEL HELPS GRAMMY IN THE KITCHEN Dear Santa, I help my Gramy cooking. I help Willy fix his toy. I help Lucas to poot on a DVD on. I wot a ipad. I wot a Dire Helo Kite. I wot a bowingero. I wot a laptop. I wot aZoomr. I wot a cheenowo. Isabel Keugler ADIN KEEPS HIS ROOM CLEAN Dear Santa, I got Brodie's lunch box. I help Gran[pa with his cores. I keep my room clean. I wish a Merry Christmas. I wish for a infinity game. I with for 100 Norf guns. Adin Durph LYRIC DESIRES PLAY WEAPONS AND GLOVES Dear Santa, I have been helping my mom whith my sisters. I have been helping my dad. I have been helping my dads helping siserth. I hop I get a so dirt bike gloves. I wishes I can have a bonarow. I wishes I can have a BeB gun. Lyric Gordon TAJ FILLS HIS LIST WITH VIDEO GAMES Dear Santa, I helped a kid when he had I helped by dad when he drove. I helped my mom to clean. My Christmas wish is a PS3. My Christmas wish is a PS4. My Christmas wish is XBox. Taj Oldman CARA WOULD LIKE TO BE A LIFETIME MEMBER Dear Santa, I did lots of cleaning this smmer. I did good in school. I've been good enough. I have lots of friends. My Christmas wishes are $149 to be a lifetime member on Jump Start. And I'd like slippers (bunny). And I want a whole collection of fairy books. Cara Remacle GRANDMA GETS LOTS OF HELP FROM KENTRELL Dear Santa, I helped my grandma cook. I helped by grandma wash dishes. I helped my grandma get wood. I wish for a nerf gun. I wish for a toy heluckoptr. I wish for the spiygere. Kentrell-Bilinsky BATMAN LEGO SET SOUNDS GOOD TO HUNTER Dear Santa, I have help a prison that have for got he prsis. And I pulled up and I help And I help my mom cook with her. I hope that I can get dachisr hunts solo. I hope can a batman logo set. And last I hope I can get a big nerf gun. Hunter Hauck MIGUEL GAVE A TOY TO HIS COUSIN Dear Santa, I have given a toy to my little cousin. Also I have nee nice to people. And I have been saying nice words like wow or nice job. Please bring me a air hogs helicopter that can ride on the ground. I lso wish you can bring me worker boots. Also I wish you can also bring me a net. Miguel Hernandez LeBRON JAMES HAS A FAN IN BRODIE Dear Santa, I have been saing nice things. I have been nice by helping my brother after he got his cast of. I have been nice by helping peple. Santa, I want a huje moce jet. Santa I want a new panda. Santa can I have a Lbron James full jersey and shorts in white. Brodie Dale KARSON'S BROTHER GOT ASSISTANCE WITH TOOL BOX Dear Santa, I have helpt an old laity. I have done cind thengs. I helpt my brother with his tool box. I wish I had a dirt bike. I wish I had a tubist. I wish I had a dirt bike helmet. Karson DOGS AND CATS BOTH TREATED WELL BY TIA Dear Santa, I haf been nice to uthrs. I haf been nice to Dogs. I haf been nice to cats. I want a fudr by ferry. I wont the game Dogydo. I wont a new D-S. Tia Bangs CARIOS HOPES FOR SOME LEGOS Dear Santa, I have been nice to my brothers and my sister. I have helped pepole. I hope I get x box one. I hep I get a ipod touch. I hope I get Legos. Carios Shaw MICHAEL WOULD LIKE TO GET AROUND ON WHEELS Dear Santa, I have done chores whith mom. I have helped with the groshres, and I and nice to my family. My Christmas wishes are I would like a... D.S. as X.Box a skate board and an electric scooter. Michael Munda TANNER PROUD OF HELPING GRANDMA Dear Santa, I helped are namer work for 30 minutes. I have been willy nice to Colter. I'm helping my Graine dust when i come over. I what XBox 1 and also shot gun shells and maybe a Wii. Tanner Michael Reinig CHLOE DOESN'T LEAVE HER BOOK BAGLYING AROUND Dear Santa, I have ben ciyitc in class. I have ben nise to my friend. I have put my book bag up. I hope I get and I pad I hope I get a crown maker. I hope I get make up that you hook to your I pad. Chloe Darnell FAMILY WELFARE COMES FIRST FOR RYLEE Dear Santa, I have always said "good morning" to an elf on a shelf. When we go to the Pet Connection I help out with the cats. I helped an old lady with her bags when they fell. I wish that Tanner and my mom won't get sick from cats. I wish that my mom and dad would get back together. I wish I had an iPad mini. Rylee A CHRISTMAS KITTEN FOR ATTALEE Dear Santa, I am being good for my mom and I have been helping my brother. I have ben good in school. I wish I had a bank bed. I with I had a little kitten for Christmas. I wish I had a sparkley bike. Attalee Rodriguez KIRA WANTS TO KEEP TRACK OF THE TIME Dear Santa, I have picked up a kids glove. I have asked pepeol if they need hlp. I helped pepeol in my class by cleaning the classroom. I wish for a clok. And I wish for a new game for my DS. Also I wish for a cher in my room. Kira Hill A FAN WOULD HELP BRENAN KEEP COOL Dear Santa, I helped my mom taking the trash out. I help my mom by poting present order. I help my mom and dand kemer onderkrat the chree. I wod like a xbox. I ood like a fan. I wood like a ipod. Brennan CAR IS CLEAN THANKS TO ALEX'S HELP Dear Santa, I helped my grandma wash. I heaped by grandma do the dishes I heaped my grandma wash the car. My Christmas wishes are a I Pad and a I Pod and a water botoll. Alex Brown SHAELYNN WANTS SHOES AND TOYS Dear Santa I bet you ar warking righ now I hope you could read this letter and I want for chrismis I want a Bike and a shose and toys. an I want a cluring Book. I hope you could get me these presens. Your Friend Shaelynn JERIMIAH HOPES TO HEAR THE HOHOHO Dear Santa I hope I lisen to the HoHoHo, for chrismas I would like a kereeocy mosheen, And a bell from you're slae, And a sled, A cros knekles, A miker phone, Your Friend Jerimiah CHRISTOPHER LOOKS FOR LEGO STAR WARS Dear.Santa, I bet you are bisey right now. but I hope you have time to read this list. The First thin is lego Star wars. Next I wod like Sky landers swap fors. last ting I wod like is a book called De SPicaubal me2Please. Your Friend ChristoPher White XANDER ASKS FOR A ROBOT Dear Santa, I Bet you are very busy right now! I hope you have time to read this letter. First, I would like a blue 3Ds. Make sure it is camo. Next, I would like a camo sute. Last, I would like a robot. Thanks, Xander MCKINZIE HOPES THE ELVS ARE WORKING HARD Dear Santa, I hope the elvs been woking hard for the presints. The first thing i want for christmas is a new par of pgamas and slipers the sencint thing i want isa camo cloths for hunting. And the third thing i want for christmas is a hair brush with a hair tiz holder inside of it. Your friend, Mckinzie Hedges ZDENKA WISHES FOR A HAPPY CHRISTMAS Dear Santa, Ibet the elf's are working right now! But, I hope you have time to read this letter. The three gifts I would like this year is a pirfict Christmas and the second gift I want for Christmas is a I phone and the last thing is to have my famely back together. Your Friend Zdenka LAILAH REGRETS INTERRUPTING SANTA'S DAY Dear Santa, I bet you are haveing a Lovey Day! But I want to tell you what I want for Cresmes. I would like a Dsi.and a cookei maker.and a little baby. I want a pratty shirts and partty pants. Your Friend Lailah BREANNA HAS THE NUMBERS ALL PLANNED OUT Dear Santa, I bet you are very busy this year! I'd like some new snow boots, new socks and finally I'd like a D.S. I'll leave some cookies for you and milk, there will be carrots with the cookies and milk and you can give the carrots to your reindeer and there will be eight carrots waiting on the table and they will be fresh out of my garden and you'll have three cookies. Your Friend BreAnna ISABELLA IS AFTER A DALL AND AN EASL Dear Santa, I bet you are very buys this year! But, I hope you find the time to read this letter. I would like for Christmas is a ever after high dall. I would like a art easl. Your Friend Isabella ANTONIA WANTS SANTA TO BE REAL Dear Santa, I hope you are real! But. I hope you find time to read this letter. What i won't for Christmas is a monster high Diary and a doll with it. and the most thing I won't is that thing that is that mummy thingthat holds your doll. Your Friend, Antonia VaRGas HANNAH! IS RESPECTFUL OF SANTA'S TIME Dear Santa, I bet you are bisy rigt naw! but i hope you have the time to read this dut whut i wont for crismis is a i pad and aipod plees and thanekyou. Your Friend Hannah! BRAYDEN SEEKS A TABLIT Dear Santa I bet you are very bisy in the worcksop, First i wont to tell you wut i wunt For crismis. First i wunt a tablit and Next i wont 7 Leoow Set. Your Friend Brayden KADEN IS GRATEFUL FOR HIS MINING STATION Dear Santa Claus, Last year thank you for the mining station. This year I would love to have the Lego Republic gun ship and the Lego AT-TE Walker. Santa how is your family doing? And how can you go to every house in one night? Love, Kaden Chatfield BRANDON'S FROG IS FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Dear Santa, Santa thak yoy for the race car last year. Thank you for separating our presents on ovr sieds. I always let me sister play with my leepfrog I want a xbox and another four wheeler. love Brandon Rios AARON IS WILLING TO WORK FOR HIS XBOX Dear Santa I want a Xbox360. But I am sorry it is so hard to make and is so exspensive to buy. So I would help deliver all the presets to make it up to you. love Aaron malone. SOPHIA USES EMOTICONS IN HER LETTERS Dear Santa, Could You ask Mrs. Claus to leave Sparkles on our tree please. Thank you for the clues last year. I did not know the polka dot one was mine. All I want for Christmas is you to come to town =) Love, Sophia Hobcomb BOBBY IS CURIOUS ABOUT SANTA'S FAMILY Dear Santa, Could I have a nintendo 3DS if your elves can make it. Santa do you have a family? How are your elves? From Bobby White IAN'S GIFT LAST YEAR WAS SPOT ON Dear Santa, I loved the remote control-fourwheeler it was perfect. Thank you!!! How are your elves doing this year? If your elves are building a 3ds I would love one, love Ian Harford JACOBY HAS SOME HAY BAILED FOR THE DEER Dear SantaClaus, I will love a Tank my size to play in it. Thank you I will also like to see you in real life. There is a bale of hay for the reindeer. Love. Jacoby Little. ALEXIS IS A FAN OF THE PROPER NOUN Dear Santa I have Been a gooD giRl This year How is Mrs. Claus Doing? I Would Like a Doll House and some Dolls. That can go with it. Love Alexis WhitePlume ETHAN HAS HAD HIS REQUEST IN MIND FOR A WHILE NOW Dear Santa If your elves made a Nintendo 3ds I have been wanting it for a long time. How is Mrs. Clause doing You friend Ethan Crow SYDNEY'S LOVE FOR SANTA ABOUNDS Dear Santa Thank you! For All the Toys you gave me. Can I Please Have a I Pad! I will Like it. How did yougo to the north Pole? It is cold out. Can you make it Sunny Please? I Love you so Much Love Sydney Delorme NATHEN APPENDS A QUERY ABOUT REINDEER GROOMING Dear Santa, I loved the train set that you brought me last year. Can your elves make me a phone and hex bugs this year? Dear Reindeers, I'm going to leave some rein deer food. Do you take baths? To Santa from Nathen. Love, Nathen Meeks IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHIMNEYS FOR IVANNEAH Dear Santa Can I have an ipade please? How do you fit in the chimney How do you get the presents down the chimney? Love Ivanneah Bear AUBREY WILL HELP SANTA CARRY HIS CHRISTMAS STUFF Dear Santa, I Love you and I want a barbie house, a doll, a horse for Christmas, and books to. how Can I help you Santa? I can Help you carry some Chrstmas stuff Love Aubrey Milleson TAYLEE'S HOUSE ELF IS A TROUBLE MAKER Dear Santa, I loved toe doll house you gave me last year. It was the best. The elf at our house ate all of our cookies that we made for you. Hes been on a train on our Christmas tree and reading a book. When he was on our Christmas tree he fell asleep. And we named him Nike Sodoke Olsen. He's a trouble maker here at our housuse. Surprise me this year. I gave some of my toys away to the poor and orphans. Raised money for cancer and people that have heart problems. Christmas is not about presents. It's about helping our communty. That's why I want you to surprise me this year. From Taylee Olson NATHAN CUTS RIGHT TO THE CHASE Dear Santa I need a gun to shoot at the target to practice shooting Love, Nathan Mills AUDREY EVEN ASKS ABOUT THE REINDEER Dear Santa, I Loved that Barbie house that you got me last year. It was beautiful. Thank you! How are you and you're elves doing even you're raindeers? If you're elves are making a Kinlde I would like one for Christmas. I will leave a glass of milk and cookies. Is it cold at the north Pole? P.S How is Mrs. Clause? Love, Audrey Steele MASON'S HANDWRITING IS BOUND TO IMPROVE Dea Santa, I wand eakgi frug ohne udrbic luv, Mason GABRIEL WOULD GO FOR A CHRISTMAS SKATE Dear Santa I like skatbord and Spider Man. Gabriel MILO PROBABLY MEANT 'ELVES' Dear Santa, How is evything at north pol? How is Elvis doing? COuuld yo bring me a car to play? Love, Milo FROM PAXTON, A QUESTION FOR SANTA Dear Santa Hw old r u?I wd like the hol poleuuw Iade los. Paxton ISAIAH IS A BRONCOS FAN I love you Dear Santa, How do you pol yor slay? I woald want a Bronko fotbal helmit. Love, Isaiah BREANNA'S REQUEST SOUNDS LIKE A SANDWICH Dear Santa, I wud like an DLHS an a BLT. Love, Breanna A FOOTBALL HELMET IS ALL KARSON ASKS FOR Dear Santa, I wud lkie a futbol hlmt brncos. Love, Karson ALI SAYS A MONSTER TRUCK, PLEASE Dear Santa, I wood like a monster truck pleas. Love, Ali TWO ITEMS REQUESTED BY BREKKYN Dear Santa I like rastrac and a Lego Mant. Love. Brekkyn SANTA'S AGE INTERESTS ALEXIS Dear Santa, How old are you? I wont a Princeas castl. I hoop ypuo Breing rodof the red nose raindera. Love, Alexis. A TRACTOR WOULD HELP BRODIE GET TO WORK Dear SantaI wid like a drtbic and a tractor. Love, Brodie ENOCH HOPING FOR A RACE TRACK Dear Santa, I like you. Gitr. How fs is yor has? How ds yor raineir fli I wud liike a rask trac. Enoch DORIS FEELING MOTHERLY AT CHRISTMAS TIME Dear Santa I wud lke a bab and D1HS. Love, Doris IT'S NOT TOO COLD FOR ROLLER SKATES FOR CAVELL Dear Santa, I wod like sum rolrskats Ples. I wod like sum nu cars and a raschtrak. Love, Cavell AVA IS THINKING AHEAD TO SUMMER Dear Santa I wud lke sum jressis and flps for sumr. Hie hets and fake fon. Ava BARBIE CASTLE SOUNDS LIKE FUN TO ZAYDEN Dear Santa I wud like a brbe kasl and a no brbe and a doll an a brbe car. Zayden MADELLYN'S BIKE IS GETTING OLD Dear Santt I wud like BMX toad new bike. Madellyn DAWN SEES HERSELF IN A PRETTY DRESS Dear Santa I want a trehes and a ceten and a prite wit dres. Dawn MIA WOULD ENJOY A CUP OF TEA WITH SANTA Dear Santa, If I so yor rader I wud like it. Fo kristmis i wd lik a fone and a teset. I hope yor ok. Love, Mia ALEXANDER WONDERS IF SANTA WANTS A PRESENT Dear Santa, How is Misses Clause? How are you? What do you ant for Christmas? How are your raindeer. I hope you have a grate christmas with Miss. Clause. I no I haven't ben that good, but I think I might like a remot control helicopter for this Christmas. My brother camron might like a toy roking horse. he might like the roking hores you give himl Enyway have a marry good Christmas this year. tell miss clase thank you for the present and you too. Thank you for reading this letter have a marry Christmas. Have a good Christmas. Love, Alexander tatreau william NO FAKE IRON MAN SUIT FOR HAYDEN Dear Santa, How is Miss Clause? How smaller are the elves? How do the reindeer fly? Santa what is your favorite cooky? how is roodofs ose dowing? What is youer favorite year? Santa, I whod want a jetpack and a rell iron man soot and a rell puppy and a rell baby bunny. Love Hayden PARKER WOULD PREFER NOT TO HAVE REMOTE CONTROL Dear Santa, How is roodoff? How are Mrs.Claws and Elvs doing? thank o for the legows and allthecandey you ave me last year. And how were the cookies, carets and milk? I hope you have a great Christmas! Me and mu famlie wold realy like a new computer! And i would realy likesom new head phones for my iPod and I wouldlike a toy truck that is kind of big and a car that goes with the truck and car but not reemote controll. Love, Parker Reed Paxton PEYTON CONCERNED FOR THE HOMELESS Dear Santa, how ar the elves doweng? And Biy the way, I wish you a Merry Christmas. ANd I may like mony for the caner kids. And homs for homelis pepol. And a nuther blleng for the ovranig. And wenI met you agen, I have a litol sumthin sumthin for you. Peyton Locker SANTA MADE CHRISTMAS FUN FOR BROOK LAST YEAR Dear Santa, How are you you doing? How are your reindeer? Are you redy for Chistmas and to give all those presints? I wish you a merry chistmas. How are your elves doing? How isMrs claus? Are you haveingfun? Thake you a lot for thepresents from last year they your rily fun to play with.I wundered what is yourfravrit cookie? Santa, what do you ant for Chistmas? Love, Brook Trabing A QUIET BIRD AND ACCESSORIES FOR JORDAN Dear Santa, Ii Santa how are your reindeer? And how are your elves? How is Mrs. Claus? What is your favorite kind of cookies? Thank you for the presnts last christmas? And cold I have a pet bird that is wite and quiet also a cage and food. "A bed and blankts and sheets for the shelter.""And proble a spi watch." from, Jordan Vrooman ZANDER WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE THE MARIO THEME Dear Santa How is Mrs. Claus and your elves? I hope you have a grate vacation. On 12-25-12 Thank you for mario party 9. I rele like it. On this christmas I will like Super Mario sport mix. Zayden will love a Barbey casel. Zoey will like a zelda game. Dad will like a new fotboll. Mom will like a new box of cookies. Have a merry Christmas! Love Zander PLEASE BRING A BUFFALO SKIN FOR TRENTON Dear Santa, How is roodoffs nose doing? How is Mrs. Clause doing and make shur your elves are doing their jobs and what are your favrote cookies? What is your favorite seaason? Haee a great great Christmas Santa! I relly want is a Bee Bee riffle and a Pug and Buffalo skin. And my brother Jackson would like a wilu. Love, Trenton John Ellison. DOLL AND DRESS REQUESTED BY AYLA Dear Santa, How are the elves? How is Mrs.Clause? How is everything? What is your favorite cookies? How do the reindeer fly? is the north pol cold. I would like a new doll and a new dress. Love Ayla SEVEN GREAT CHRISTMASES SO FAR FOR McKENNA Dear Santa. How are your raindeer? How is Mrs. Clause? What do you want for Christmas? What is your favorite kind of cookie? Thank you for sevin grate Christmases. Thank ou for all the presents. I think I've bin good but please just give lots of presents to the orfanage. Love, McKenna Martin CHLOE SPECULATES THAT SANTA LIKES SUGAR COOKIES Dear Santa, I wonder if you have fun during the seasons? I want the orfanij to have relly nice things. is your favorite cooki shuger cookies? Thank you for the doll howse. I hope that my sister will like my present to her. I woldlike my litteler sister to have a big bare just like me. I want next yaer to be the best chrismas ever for my family. Love, Chloe Wright MAYA WILL LEAVE COOKIES FOR SANTA -- MAYBE Dear Santa, How are the elves? Do thay be noty? Do not come to my home for Christmas. We are going to Utah. Just come to my grama and grampa's house. Thanks for the stuft Zebra you gave me last Cristmas. Could you give my mom a prety neckles? Olso give my sister Holly earrings. We maybe willmake cocies for you. Give my bruther a remote control truk. How do your reindeer fly? Are you 100000 years old? I want a rel live puppy and a ieyPob. Love Maya NICK WISHES SANTA A GOOD NIGHT OF COOKIES Dear Santa. Do you like the reindeers? How is Mrs.Clause doing? Are your elves making good toys? I loved the gifts you gave me, last year. Thank you for the 7 last great Chritmisses. Have a great Chritmiss. Also have fun droping off gifts and eating, cookies. Love, Nick McIntosh ARIANA WANTS A CAR JUST HER SIZE Dear Santa, How are you? What are your favorite cookies? How is Mrs. Claus? I only want a couple things and the rest is for my family. Can I please have a iPad and canI have a car that I can fit in and drive. Love Ariana DEVIN WAS GOOD, SO AN IPAD, PLEASE Dear Santa, How is the North Pole? How are the reindeer? What is your favorite cookie? I think I was a good boy. May i please have an Ipad? love, Devin Cress CHOCOLATE MILK AWAITS AT CODY'S HOUSE Dear Santa, I got a teacher for Adino. I take out the garbage. I let Botsy out to go potty. I wish for an iPad, I wish for a Play Station. I wish for more videogames. I hope you enjoy the chocolate milk! Love, Cody Bock YANELLA ASKS SANTA FOR A FAKE MOON Dear Santa, I would wot a monstr hiy for Christmas and monst hiy mouyve and would wot a iPad and a iPod but wit is your arfs doin is your arfs makin toys for all of the kids? What cind uv cookis do you like? I would like a fake moone. How are your reindeers? Love Yanella First grade, WIES BASKETBALL AND LEGOS ON JOSEPH'S LIST Dear Santa, I wont a Ipod and lagos and baskball. Do you like coces? Love Joseph First grade, WIES BEARCUB WANTS PLENTY Dear Santa, I want los of prests and Ipad. Love Bearcub First grade, WIES MYLEES PROMISES SOMETHING FOR SANTA Dear Santa, What I wot for Christmas is monster high dalls and make up and toy story dals and monster high casol and I got something for you Santa, but how are the wandear doing? Love Mylee First grade, WIES CAN SANTA MAKE PAYTON A BALL? Dear Santa, Cood you make me a Ipad and I have a snack for you. It is some coockes for you and meilk too. O and don't forget that I told you that it was barbies and I want a monster hi Barbie. And I wont a prest for my mom and I wont a ball can you make me a ball? Love Payton First grade, WIES JAELYN MADE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE FOR SANTA CLAUS Dear Santa, I mayd a gingrbred howse for you and gigrbred man for you. How meny presits are you going to give me? Is so coad outside. Ourside it has a bunch of snow. How was Rudolph doing? Love Jaelyn First grade, WIES CHARLIE DOESN'T FORGET THE FAMILY Dear Santa, Can you git sum toys? For me? And for my famle? To? I love you. Love Charlie First grade, WIES DODIE LIKES MANY THINGS ABOUT CHRISTMAS Dear Santa, I like Christmas. I like presests. I like you Rudolph. I like toys. I like a flr. I like a fac balloon. I want a fac mune. I like yor alfz. A mustr hi doll. I like a fac workshop. A wech hat. A tedeber. I want books a stuf fish. Love Dodie First grade, WIES SANTA, REMEMBER TO CHECK MICHAELYN'S SHELF Dear Santa, May I please have a kids fone please. How are you doing? How is Rudolph? I cant wait to see my present! I got a present for you it is on the self. I got some coocys for you it is on the tabl. I love you Santa. Love Michaelyn First grade, WIES ANTHONY INQUIRES ABOUT FROSTY Dear Santa, How is Frosty the Soman? I got a gift for you. I want for Christmas a bike. Love Anthony M. First grade, WIES CHLOE HOPES SANTA ISN'T ALL BY HIMSELF Dear Santa, Maybe but I hope you will get me a Ipad and a box of jrools and how is Frosty the Snowman? Are you cold at the North poal? And are you ok? Is the elfs rily helping you? Are you just by yourself? How many pressins you are going to giv me? Love Chloe First grade, WIES CALEB LOVES CHRISTMAS Dear Santa, How is Rudolph doing? Is he coll? I want a toy car and I want a side by side and a fake M.P.5. and a little mashegun. I want a cunchl car and here is the last thing I ever emagind, I love Christmas. Love, Caleb First grade, WIES DEZLIND GOT A GLIMPSE OF SANTA Dear Santa, I wus going to bed I fal sleep. I woc up I wus sleeping I was awake. I peeked I was sneaky I was excited I seen he was delivering my halo toy. It was made of legos. Love Dezlind First grade, WIES POPULAR IPAD APPEALS TO ANTHONY Dear Santa, I wot a copdr and a Ipad for Cresmiss. I wot sumpthin else. A modrsicol, that's it. Love Anthony A First grade, WIES JAMES WOULD ENJOY BUILDING A MODEL Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a ship model, a wooden catapult and a wooden dragon. Love, James ISAIAH HOPING SANTA WILL WRITE BACK Dear: Santa I've been a good boy this year I'm pretty sure I have at least. If I was pleae reward me by givin gme some proof that you are real to show my friends it can be proof of your choice Please write back to me no matter I I get it if you want people not to know you exist if you exist. Love: Isaiah P.S. write back any time I get it if you need some time to think about it CHYAUNA HAS A NEW ADDRESS Dear Santa, I have moved but my mom said you knew to where. I have been good and I have grown a lot. I would love a tablet or leap pad ultra, a remote control dog, a boy barbie, clothes with sparkles, baby doll house, talking baby doll, boots, build a bear and dolls. Thank you! I will leave your cookies out ... have a safe trip! Love, Chyauna Dodge 7 years old STONE AND JADE MAKE JESSICA'S LIST Dear Santa, I would like for Christmas a stone giraffe or a jade tree Love, Jessica MIRAKI IS SO BIG NOW THAT SHE'S 5 Dear Santa, I am five now and so big! I have been good. My brothers told me your reindeer can't poop on the roof but its OK in the yard. Have a good ride. I would like a tablet or leap pad tablet, remote control car, purse, boots, a doll house with dolls and hair stuff. Thank you! Love, Mirakai Dodge 5 years old SAMANTHA HAS A THING FOR TEREZI ITEMS Dear Santa, I have a second list that I didn't want to give to my mom cause it's kinda embarrassing to me. I'm relying on you to get this stuff for me because I haven't told anyone else about wanting it. The stuff on the other list is important but this is also important. The items are: •Terezi's Shirt •Terezi's Cane •Terezi's Two Face Coin •Terezi's Horns •Terezi's Scalemate's •Red Chalk •Terezi's Glasses I'm kinda obsessed with homestuck and this troll and it would mean the absolute world to me if you could get me this stuff! Lots of love and hope, Samantha Rutherford BO SAYS DON'T FORGET KIDS IN ORPHANAGES Santa, This is Bo R. I wanted to let you know that I would like a wii-u deliverd to as many orphanages that you can so they can be happy too this holiday season. A SABER WOULD BE AN EXCITING GIFT FOR LONNY Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus? What are the elves doing? I want a light saber, please. Can you bring a movie for my mom, "Pretty Little Liar"? Please could you bring a light saber for my dad, he likes them too. Bella wants a baby doll. I am going to leave some cookies and milk and a card for you. Love from, Lonny SAMIYA'S DAD LIKES SCARY MOVIES Dear Santa, How are the elves doing? Dear Santa, I want chocolate cookies, finger polish, and puzzles. Please bring toys for my brothers and sisters. My mom wants babies and my dad likes scary movies. I will leave milk, doughnuts, cookies and juice. From, Samiya PAPA PIG WOULD KEEP SCOOBY COMPANY FOR MERISSA Dear Santa, I want a toy. I have Scooby Do, he talks. I want Papa Pig. My mom wants parrots and dad wants a Santa toy. I will leave you a note. Love, Merissa TINIKKI ASKS FOR A REINDEER TOY Dear Santa, I would like to give you a little toy and a strawberry cookie. I would like a Christmas reindeer toy. My dad likes ghost games. My little brother would like Mr. Potato Head and my mom likes make-up. Your friend, Tinikki JACE MAKES REQUESTS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Dear Santa, I want a monster truck and a bow and arrow set. I want you to have cookies and milk and the reindeer to have carrots. My mom wants rings, and my dad wants a new gun with bullets. Daniel wants a new game and now I want a new game and we both want a remote control. Brittney wants a new ring and Jeffery wants a new gun and bullets. Love you, Jace ANTOINE'S SISTER HAS TWO NEW TEETH Dear Santa, What are the reindeer doing? What are you doing? I want a stocking bear for Christmas. My mom wants a ring and my dad might need a new blanket. My little sister has two teeth, bring her a stocking bear. Falan needs a doll. I will leave you some chocolate cookies and milk. Thank you Santa, I think you will be proud. Your friend, Antoine SANTA WILL FIND A CLEAN ROOM AT EAGLEEYEZ'S HOUSE Dear Santa, Me and my brother are cleaning our room up. My dad is going to get me a house that you color. My dad wants a gingerbread house and some games. I want a TV, a puppy, and some games. Your friend, EagleEyez TREE HOUSE WOULD BE SO FUN FOR BREANA Dear Santa, I want a tree house for Christmas because me and my brothers get to climb in it. So we can have fun inside of there. What are the elves doing? All my family is going to leave corn bread and milk for you. Have I been bad or good? I think I have been good. Love, Breana KEVIN'S HELICOPTER SHOULD HAVE WHEELS Dear Santa, I want a skateboard, a helicopter with wheels, and a reindeer toy. My dad wants a reindeer like me and mom wants earrings. I will leave you some cookies and juice. Love, Kevin DENVRYANA HAS AN ARTISTIC CHRISTMAS IN MIND Dear Santa, I want a gingerbread house and one for my sister, mom, and brother. I want a big house with Barbie dolls and clothes and bags for all the clothes. I will leave you cookies and milk. I have been real good. I want scissors, crayons, and color pencils. Love, Denvryana SPIDER MAN TOYS A PRIORITY FOR WESLEY Dear Santa, I want a Spiderman toy, Spiderman legos, and a Ninja. My dad wants an I-Phone. Mom wants a computer. My baby likes toys but I like Ninjas like my movies. My sister likes a TV. From, Wesley TALAN'S GRANDMA WANTS NEW TEETH Dear Santa, I want a trampoline and a controller. Would you bring my baby some toys? My dad wants a motorcycle and grandma wants new teeth. I will leave you a sticker. I have been good. Love, Talan Ryne would rather give to Santa than receive Dear Santa, I want to give you a toy. Cougar Paw. I want to give you flowers. I want to give you jelly toast. I want to give you a present. I want to give you a pencil. I want a choo-choo train and a plane and a boat. Sonny is brave because he is not scared of monsters. I want to be brave. And a toy. I been a good boy. Love, Ryne Robinson Sonny wants to know who's the favorite Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a good one. P.S. Who's your favorite elf? P.P.S. The stocking on the very left is Charlie's, so you don't forget her. Sincerely, Sonny Robinson Bryce hopes to get a skid loader and hunting stuff Dear Santa, My name is Bryce. I would like to have a train, backhoe, skid loader, sword, hunting stuff. I have been a good boy this year. Your friend, Bryce A list from Lyla Dear Santa, Corlers cedrne Rod Rod rounderes cars stuff teddy bear shirts santa tablet necklace Thank you! Lyla Tyson wants a variety of gifts Dear Santa, I was good this yeer I lisin to my hir I beednis cood I get sum presenc just vunt som resirs n a pesthree n sum hilt! amee men n sun dig gtuos a leep let n sum big truck n sumthing for my sit n sum cor troks n sum big pak of men n a hokotis n a mostrtruk for my llmen n a pes2 a bes tree n a stoking foooofandentas Signed Tyson Ada politely asks for dolls and a gun Dear Santa Can I get a frte gun and can I get a dall haos plese and I can I dalls with it plese. Ada Welch is happy with whatever kind Dear Santa, Can I please have an Ipod a Hot Wheels racetrack. Whatever kind and a green dinosaur to beat down the yellow and blue one. Love Treston Welch Sam just loves Santa Dear Santa: I want a yellow dinosaur to beat the blue one down. I have been a good boy because I want a yellow dinosaur- I just love you. Sam Murray Elvis the elf will be left for Santa to take Dear Santa, How are you? I really want a Nabi, a Corvette, and a CAT train. Cat as in heavy equipment company. I will leave you a treat. Don't forget to take Elvis our elf with you. Love, Brody Hinkle Halle has been a tad bit naughty Dear Santa, How are your reindeer doing? Not to ask a lot of questions but do you know how many cookies you have eatin so far this year. I have been a good girl this year. Yes, I have been a tad bit noddy too. Depends on the time. Well this is what I want from you this year. -I want a tetherball -I want an American girl with brown freckles, blue eyes, and with Brown hair. -A new small iPod that is pretty small to listen to music. I really want the doll and tether ball. please. Love, Halle Hinkle Tylynn is depending on the elfs for good toys Dear Santa, Do you think I have been a good girl this year? For Christmas I would like a Monster High Girl and a Jazmine Princess doll. I would also like a Pocahontas Doll. Santa, will you surprise me too? I hope you find the other kids that are not as lucky as I am so they can have presents too. I will leave you the Christmas Key on the door and cookies in the table. I hope your elves make good Christmas toys this year. Tylynn McDonald 5 years old Patrick couldn't fit his requests on one letter Dear Santa, I want a sled and a phone and boots and a four wheeler and a iPod and a Bullriding helmet and a Basketball and a Jersey But I wanda miami Heat Shirt Patrick Dear Santa, and a cowboy hat to and a jorden shose to and a mosters truck and a pellet gun to and a newfishing pole and a Bullriding vest to and a Lakers shatto. Patrick, 8, second grade Cambree is thankful for last year's gift Dear santa I want a piono. I wrilliy like what you got for me Last crisetmes. Maye I have a might stand. I hope you bring mrs. clas to. i will write more on the bake. I also want a stuff hors. the cow you got me it was a cow that you can rope it is fun but its in the shed. I also like the cowgril rope i hope i get sumthing this year. Love Cambree Gavin believes Santa has 10,000 elfs dear Santa how many elfs do you have? i think 10,000. do you get cold at night? Whati want for cristmas is a big train set and a mermaid tail to swim in for the pool and a real robot one last thing and i wanta raindear for cristmas. Gavin Love Gavin, 6, first grade Samantha wishes Santa a Merry Christmas Dear Santa, All i want for christmas is a pogo stick and the Barbie with a Pony and I hope you have a merry christmas to you from Samantha, 6, first grade Aspen is concerned about Rudolph's nose Dear Santa I have been good all December. I want a bow and arrow. with arrows. and a pogo stick. How is Rudolphs nose? I also want a furby boom that is blue or pink. And a barbue with a horse names Magesty. I hope you a good chrismas. from: Aspen, 7, second grade Pagon wonders if Santa has been good Dear santa Have you been

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