CWC tuition to rise 5 percent in 2014-15

Dec 26, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Cost per credit hour will be $83

The Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees approves of a recent decision to raise tuition rates for students throughout the state.

The Wyoming Community College Commission voted Dec. 13 to raise tuition by about 5 percent for the 2014-2015 academic year. CWC endorsed the move during a meeting Dec. 11.

"We're asked to weigh in," CWC president Jo Anne McFarland said of the tuition decision.

McFarland said community college education is a good value. She pointed out that tuition costs less in Wyoming than in similar states, while the median income in Wyoming is higher.

In addition, she said tuition charged to Wyoming community college students covers about 17 percent of the cost to educate each person.

In Colorado, by contrast, tuition covers 60 percent of the cost per student.

"So students are carrying a much higher burden (there) relative to the total cost of their education," McFarland said. "The bottom line is ... Wyoming community college tuition is still a very good deal, even with this increase."

The 5 percent increase in tuition rates will cost CWC students about $4 extra per credit.

For full-time students, the amount will reach $48 for a semester, or $96 per year.

"The cost per credit hour would increase from the current $79 per credit to $83 per credit," she said. "The full time tuition per semester for in-state students would increase from $948 to $998."

McFarland said the University of Wyoming has also announced plans to increase its tuition rates over the coming years. She also talked about the possibility of increasing full-time enrollment to allow 15 semester credits instead of the current cap of 12 semester credits.

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