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Tiger skiers face best in region at two-day event in Jackson

Dec 30, 2013 - By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Lander Valley High School Nordic skiers competed against the best the western United States had to offer in a race in Jackson.

The two-day event took place Friday, Dec. 20, and Saturday, Dec. 21.

The skiers were divided into age groups.

"We had some great performances and some good improvements in Jackson," Lander coach Emily Tilden said. "Our athletes are getting in the groove of races, so not nearly as many nerves for this one."

The race was the second one of the season for the Tigers.

"We did a good job focusing on pacing and race strategy," Tilden said.

"All of the races were several laps due do limited snow coverage, so there was certainly a mental aspect to these events."

Lander competed against skiers from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and California.

"All of our athletes managed their races well and learned a lot about how fast they can realistically go for the length of the event, and where to be conservative and where to push a little harder."

The races were held on a 2.5 km loop in the meadow at Trail Creek.

"The course has some winding downhills and several undulating climbs," Tilden said. "You can see the whole course from the start/finish line, so as a racer, you can almost always see where the rest of the competition is. Sometimes this is helpful, and other times it's demoralizing."

There was light snow on the second day.

"Friday's course had well set tracks and made for good conditions," Tilden said. "Saturday had softer conditions, which made the skiing a little slower than usual."


The Tigers took a couple of days off last week because of Christmas break. Lander had a time trial on Saturday.

"Our training schedule will include some intervals and long, slow distance skis," Tilden said.

Results from 5k in Jackson



8. Louisa Austin, 36:08.9; 27. Emily Schimelpfenig, 41:05.9; 31. Morgan Robins, 43:49.9; 32. Ella Welsh, 43:53.9.


48. Tristan Herr, 36:46.7; 57. Duncan Gans, 42:59.6; 59. Marten Baur, 44:32.4; 61. Braeden Meyer, 47:25.0.

Girls (3km)

4. Maria Baron, 13:40.9; 5. Jenna Patrick, 14:40.2; 8. Kayley Hart, 15:58.1; 10. Kaylee Williams, 16:57.9; 13. Katie Hines, 20:48.3; 15. Emily Fallin, 24:24.1.

Boys (3km)

2. Kyle Sandall, 11:43.4; 4. Kamden Sandall, 12:47.0; 5. Ethan Whiting, 14:13.5; 8. Matt Buchanan, 16:10.3; 9. Joe Crane, 17:26.5;

11. Dennis Makeshine, 18:53.4.

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