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Dec 31, 2013 Staff

"It was exciting to hear a new baby cry. We deal with a lot of stressful stuff in here, but luckily this one was a good outcome."

-- Alexandra Keeley

911 emergency dispatcher who helped with a baby's birth via telephone (Jan. 17.)

"We're not trying to teach her a lesson.

We're trying to do what the people demand of the Legislature. ... People are demanding if we're spending all this money why are we not doing better."

-- State Sen. Eli Bebout

R-Riverton, who voted for Senate File 104, the bill stripping state schools superintendent Cindy Hill of her administrative powers. (Jan. 31)

"We tried to pass a tax for this two times. Both times it went down 60-40. That's 60 percent of your community telling you they're not in favor of a rec center."

-- Eric Heiser

Riverton City Council (April 7)

"The world felt like it stopped, the crowd went completely silent."

-- Tiffany Hartpence

Lander runner who competed in the Boston Marathon, which was interrupted by a deadly bombing (April 16)

"(We will) say, 'We're going to fix the curb and gutter if you'll fix the sidewalk.' It's going to radically improve their property values and make their lives better."

-- Bill Urbigkit

Riverton public services director, on the city's plan to repair sidewalks, curbs and gutters using optional 1 percent sales tax revenue (April 23)

"We are taking this very seriously.

This is a mess. This is something that we need to look into deeply."

-- Terry Snyder

Riverton schools superintendent, on turmoil in the RHS football program (April 24)

"John Deere got to the field first, but New Holland brought lunch."

-- Gordon Medow

Missouri Valley farmer, joking during a side-by-side demonstration of new wind rowers in his alfalfa field (July 7)

"Under the circumstances, this was an intentional act. It's not an accident ... based on the evidence we had and the autopsy."

-- Ed McAuslan

Fremont County coroner, on the deaths of two Wisconsin teens who steered their car into the path of an oncoming vehicle near Hudson, killing them both. (July 12)

"Between Feb. 14 and May 22 in Fremont County I agreed with Mr. (Timothy) Pitt that he would front me meth. I would sell it, giving him some of the profit, and I would use some."

-- Travis Fauque

Statement to District Court Judge Norman Young before his conviction in a countywide meth ring

"The fact that they're alleged to have committed a violent crime ... gives the state the option to charge (them as adults). (They're) alleged to have committed one of the most adult crimes possible."

-- Michael Bennett

Fremont County attorney, on the arrest of two teens on charges of second-degree murder for a beating death on the Rails to Trails path in Riverton

"There's no facility in the country you could compare it to in terms of it being state-of-the-art for instruction at any level. ... I think all of us in Wyoming can be proud."

-- Jim Rose

Wyoming Community College Commission

"Virginia is buried at the bottom of Fremont Lake."

-- Gerald Uden

Confessing to the killing of his ex-wife and her two sons in 1980, then informing authorities where he had hidden the bodies (Nov. 4)

"Having people being able to carry concealed weapons without having to get the OK through me is very concerning. We wouldn't know they had them, (and) a lot of accidents can happen."

--Steve Barlow

Central Wyoming College campus safety director, in discussions following the elementary school shootings in Newtown, Conn. (Jan. 18)

"We need to do a better job educating people they are still wild animals. We should have moved ('Bam Bam') long before, at the first sign of aggression or habituation."

--Stan Harter

Wyoming Game and Fish biologist, after a familiar bighorn sheep at Sinks Canyon died. The animal had become habituated to humans. (Feb. 15)

"We don't get to be secret up here."

--Mike Morgan

Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District Board member speaking against using ballots to cast votes (July 16)

"The amount of work these providers do for these kids is amazing. If anything they should be paid more, not less. I hope you deeply and sincerely listen to these people tonight."

--Owen St. Clair

Mill Creek parent concerned about changes in funding for caregivers of special-needs children, speaking to Wyoming legislators (Aug. 21)

"Jurisdictional issues need to be resolved in court. Future changes in legal status will only be recognized when issued by a legal court authority with the proper jurisdiction to rule on such matters."

--City of Riverton

In statement denying that an EPA ruling over air quality means that Riverton is part of 'Indian Country' (Dec. 10)

"We would like to meet and discuss these matters and any other concerns you may have that arise from the recent EPA decision."

--Darrell O'Neal

Northern Arapaho Business Council chairman (Dec. 11)

"If there's a time you can withstand and transition from a president who's been here for 25 years, it's now. I'm leaving because it's a good time to do that, and it makes sense for me, and it makes sense for you."

--Jo Anne McFarland

Central Wyoming College president since 1989, announcing her retirement (Dec. 12)

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