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Ranger Easter Egg Hunt in full swing
Clues published inside the print edition of the Ranger will lead readers to these eggs worth $200 in cash prizes and great infield tickets to a Colorado Rockies game.

Ranger egg hunt starting, first clues published Sunday

Apr 8, 2012 - Staff

The Ranger's double Easter egg hunt returns today, with two weeks of published clues planned if necessary.

Two colorful wooden eggs are hidden somewhere in Fremont County.

Each is worth $200 cash and two Colorado Rockies baseball tickets for a home game this season at Coors Field in Denver. The winners get to choose which game to attend.

The first of the 10 possible clues for each egg are published today, with the hunt continuing through Friday, April 20, if necessary.

The Ranger office at 421 E. Main in Riverton is the starting point for the hunt. Each clue will be drawn from a series of bold letters in a passage about Easter on the clue page. Searchers must unscramble the bold letters to form one-word clues drawing them closer to each hiding place.

The eggs are not hidden on private property. They were in plain sight when they were placed. No digging, climbing or fence-hopping is required. The finder of one egg is not eligible to find the other. The eggs must be returned to The Ranger office for the prize to be claimed.

The baseball tickets are for seats in the 16th row from the field, near the Rockies' dugout in the "infield club" section of the stadium. Their list price is $67 apiece, bringing the total value of each egg to $334.

This is the second year for the Easter egg event, which is one of three current Ranger treasure hunts, joining the Wild West Winter Carnival Medallion hunt in the winter and the Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Block search every summer.

A fourth treasure is under consideration for the fall.

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