Planning board has vacancy

Apr 8, 2012 Staff

Fremont County commissioners are seeking a replacement on the planning board to fill a seat left vacant by Donna Thompson.

Thompson served on the planning commission since June 2010.

She wrote an e-mail to planning department director Ray Price dated March 23 that listed "personal obligations" for her departure.

Continuing to serve on the planning commission are Paula Hunker, Kristin Paulsen, Harold Albright and Richard Emond.

Thompson's resignation stirred concern among county commissioners and planning officials due to challenges surrounding the board achieving quorum for its monthly meetings.

"Probably two people are doing most of the work, and they need help," commissioner Travis Becker said on April 3 about the urgency to fill the vacant position.

Price in an e-mail response to Thompson dated March 23 echoed the concerns.

Anyone interested in serving on the county planning commission should call 332-1130 for more information.

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