Democrats eye business at April 14 convention

Apr 8, 2012 By Joshua Scheer, Staff Writer

The Fremont County Democratic Party Convention will take place on April 14 to vote on a local platform, nominate delegates for the state convention and vote on potential presidential candidates.

The convention will begin at 11 a.m. in the Lander's Circuit Court at the Fremont Count Courthouse, and local county party chairman Jack Lee expects the day's agenda to take at least three to four hours.

Anyone registered to vote as a Democrat by March 30 is eligible to vote at the convention and to seek election as a delegate to the state convention.

Perry Kaufman, the convention chair, listed items that could be included on the local platform, which is currently being drafted.

Among the topics are mitigating effects of climate change, preserving biological diversity, collecting fair shares of taxes and encouraging alternative energy development and energy independence.

The platform will be voted on at the county convention.

Lee said once the local platform is approved, it will be sent to the state convention to be blended with other counties' platforms.

Kaufman has a couple other items he'd like to see included in the platform.

"We need to close our bases overseas," he said, adding that the country's military presence abroad could be the "stone that sinks us."

He also wants to see the state step up with work-site safety measures. "I want surprise inspections at all work sites," he said.

Another purpose of the convention will be to determine delegates who will represent Fremont County at the state convention on May 25-26 in Laramie.

Fremont County will be allowed 22 delegates at state, and Lee said those who go will likely be selected through volunteerism.

The convention will also be the place where local Democrats can cast their votes for incumbent President Barack Obama or other candidates who are not committed to a single party.

"We might be expecting some fireworks," Kaufman said.

He was referring to the possibility of Democratic candidate Randall Terry stopping by the convention.

Terry's views differ from the state's democratic policies, and Lee said the state party has been working to make sure his candidacy in Wyoming is not legitimate.

Kaufman said if Terry shows up, Kaufman will not be pleasant.

Lee's not expecting the day to turn "too dramatic or anything."

To learn more about Terry, see interviews with him in the April 1 edition of the Lander Journal and The Ranger's March 30 edition.

Perry added the convention could also be the source of "some surprises."

He said a Lander individual, whom he refused to name, could be announcing candidacy for Lander Republican State Rep. Del McOmie's seat in the November election.

The national convention is Sept. 4-6 in Charlotte, N.C.

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