Lander wrestlers to Utah for big tournament

Jan 7, 2014 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

A trip to the Tournament of Champs begins the January schedule for the Lander Valley High School Tigers on the wrestling mats.

Lander coach Nick Fulton is expecting about 35 teams in Vernal, Utah, for the double-elimination tournament this Friday and Saturday.

Teams from Utah, Wyoming and Idaho wrestling programs make up the tournament field. The trip is the first out-of-state experience for the Tigers.

Lander last competed at the Battle of the Big Horn tournament last month in Worland.

"We had a good string of practices over the break," Fulton said. "We have been battling sickness of various sorts, but overall we were really able to focus on teaching new skills to kids early in the week. The intensity in the room has been excellent."


The Tigers are planning on taking 25 wrestlers to Vernal.

Palmer Schafer starts the varsity lineup for the Tigers at 106 pounds. Kyle Carey is in the 120-pound weight class. Ben McKinney has the starting position at 126 pounds.

McKinney is followed by Jacob Winchester (132 pounds), Andrew Von Rein (138), Dillon Weil (138), Noah Rohrbacher (145), Talen Connell (160) and Kegan Wells (heavyweight).

Demanding month

The tournament in Utah starts a brutal stretch for the Tigers.

Lander wrestles Thursday, Jan. 16, in a dual at Casper Kelly Walsh. The Tigers are in the Green River Invitational on Jan. 17-18. The first home match for Lander comes Thursday, Jan. 23, vs. Mountain View at Bob Carey Memorial Fieldhouse. The Tigers host the Lander Invitational on Friday, Jan. 24, and Saturday, Jan. 25.

Class 3-A wrestling rankings

106 pounds -- 1. Palmer Schafer, Lander; 2. Noah Wozney, Powell; 3. Mitchell Rothleutner, Worland; 4. David Plummer, Cody; 5. Jordan McClinitck, Glenrock; 6. Dillon Jappeson, Newcastle; 7. Trey Rodriguez, Torrington.

113 pounds -- 1. Jacob Thompson, Star Valley; 2. Brodie Douglass, Lyman, ; 3. Mark McConnell, Lander; 4. Glen Anderson, Worland; 5. Payton Connolly, Douglas; 6. Nathaniel Glifford, Cody; 7. Brigg Hoopes, Star Valley.

120 -- 1. Taylor Jackson, Glenrock; 2. Kyle Burton, Buffalo; 3. Chance Karst, Powell; 4. Cole Reiner, Buffalo; 5. Tralson Swenson, Pinedale; 6. Kyle Carey, Lander; 7. Corbin Adams, Cody.

126 -- 1. Nic Urbach, Powell; 2. Jordan Pingrey, Douglas; 3. Max Dickerman, Cody; 4. Ben McKinney, Lander; 6. Brody Smith, Cody; 7. Gabe Atwell, Buffalo..

132 -- 1. Miguel Delgado, Rawlins; 2. Colbee Craig; 3. DeLancy Hodges, Worland; 4. Zach Hoopman, Douglas; 5. Claye Brandon, Star Valley; 6. Patrick Carr, Torrington; 7. Austin Guymon, Lyman

138 -- 1. Justin Lewton, Worland; 2. Andrew Von Rein, Lander, 3; . Garrett Chadwick, Star Valley; 4. Colton Parham, Powell; 5. Jake Hicks, Lyman; 6. Jordan Britton, Torrington; 7. Wyatt Summers, Glenrock.

145 -- 1. Lance Lucas, Wheatland; 2. Kye Catlin, Powell; 3. Kaden McElhinny, Worland; 4. Justin Polkowske, Torrington; 5. Ian Anderson, Star Valley; 6. Alex Gallcia, Jackson; 7. Seth Harris, Douglas.

152 -- 1. Hunter Haman, Douglas; 2. Matt Widdicombe, Powell; 3. Talyn Kapptie, Worland; 4. Nathan Willis, Wheatland; 5. Dylan Klein, Rawlins; 6.. Cody Ellison, Lyman; 7. Tyler Piccard, Douglas.

160 -- 1. Logan Rodenbough, Jackson; 2. Blake Sanderson, Douglas; 3. Lane George, Douglas; 4. Paul Semadeni, Star Valley; 5. Grant Nickles, Powell; 6. Gabe Diede, Buffalo; 7. Braxton Martinez, Worland.

170 -- Dalton Burnger, Douglas; 2. Skyler Landerman, Cody; 3. Jacob Davis, Powell

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