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Jan 8, 2014 Staff

My children and their futures were the motivation for our campaign, and they will always be my overriding priority.

-- Liz Cheney, citing a family health concern as her reason for dropping out of her challenge to U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi in the Republican primary later this year. Polls showed Cheney far behind Enzi.

EPA's decision depends on a host of faulty factual and legal conclusions... EPA ignored and distorted the plain language of the 1905 Act to reach a predetermined result.

-- Peter Michael, Wyoming Attorney General, in a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency asking that its recent opinion that Riverton is part of the Wind River Indian Reservation be reversed

We are disappointed with Wyoming's petition. We have made every effort to cooperate with the state. Instead of cooperating, the state is resorting to scare tactics. The citizens of Wyoming deserve better. This isn't the 1800s.

-- Dean Goggles, Northern Arapaho Business Council, on the state's petition to overturn the EPA determination on reservation boundaries

There's quite a bit of development going on in the neighborhood of Lucky Mc. Energy Fuels and Cameco, those two projects flank Lucky Mc. So the possibilities of doing something jointly with those two other companies would elevate the project's stature.

-- Wayne Heili, president of UR-Energy, which has bought the historic Lucky Mc uranium property with plans to mine it again. The mine has been inactive since the 1980s.

The cold weather we got just happened to be the typical cold push out of the north. We get fresh snow on the ground, then clear skies -- and it's Wyoming, the temperatures drop.

-- Brett McDonald, National Weather Service meteorologist, noting that Fremont County's coldest weather of the year earlier this week was not related to the "polar vortex" making headlines elsewhere in the U.S.

Obviously, we want to maintain a safe atmosphere. But it could be debated that getting somewhere five miles quicker is safer, or it could be debated that it is detrimental to have that higher speed. But I think that should be debated.

-- State Rep. Dave Zwonitzer, R-Cheyenne, on sponsoring a bill to raise the speed limit on some parts of Interstate 80 in Wyoming to 80 mph

We must stop relying on hushed-tone conversations where rumor, innuendo, and suspicion prevail. We all deserve to be told what this is about and shown real evidence.

-- Cindy Hill, Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, in advance of another hearing of an investigative committee appointed by the governor to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by Hill

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