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Bode Miller and Uncle Todd

Jan 14, 2014 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

One is a skier, the other is a sandwich.

When it comes time for a sandwich, my family knows that I like an Uncle Todd.

It's nothing fancy. But it tastes so good.

Many, many lunches have been spent at the counter, catching up, enjoying an Uncle Todd and a glass of milk.

At the risk of outing my true culinary capabilities, here's the recipe: two pieces of toast, each buttered on one side, and a slice of American cheese slapped in the middle. Take the sandwich and zap it in the microwave for exactly nine seconds.

Voila. Mmm, Mmm good.

While growing up, it never occurred to me to create such a scrumptious masterpiece in this manner. Grilled cheese cuisine was always a bit messy. It needed a pan and it took time. And yes, I got in trouble for not cleaning up every now and then. Too much bother for just lunch.

My wife's brother, Todd, changed all that.

That man knows how to make grilled cheeses. And when the kids needed a quick lunch one afternoon while visiting the family in Colorado, Uncle Todd went to work. Grilled cheese sandwiches in our house now bear his name.

But my imagination tells me that Uncle Todds, as tasty as they are, probably aren't as good as the grilled cheese sandwiches that Bode Miller's Grilled Cheese Trucks make.

It's likely one of the many, many stories we'll hear more of when the Winter Olympics start in early February. Miller is a partner in a company that franchises grilled cheese trucks for veterans leaving the service and needing work.

Miller is already considered by many to be America's greatest alpine skier of all time. He has won five medals in the Winter Olympics, the most of any U.S. skier -- two silvers (giant slalom and combined) in Salt Lake City 2002, and a gold (super combined), a silver (Super G) and a bronze (downhill) in Vancouver 2010. Miller is one of five skiers who have won Olympic medals in four different disciplines. He appeared in his first World Cup race in 1998.

Miller has changed through the years. Accused of being a late-night party animal during the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Miller has married pro volleyball player Morgan Beck and seems to be more mature and focused. He's been in the news lately after settling a custody battle with his son's mother, Sara McKenna.

And, likely, the 2014 Olympics in Sochi will be his last.

I'll root for him during and after the Olympics.

"(The grilled cheese truck) is a pretty unique mobile food truck situation in that we get veterans who are returning from their service either in Iraq or wherever they served, and we give them an opportunity to franchise into this grilled cheese truck company," Miller said. "It's a tough thing to see when guys come back from serving their country like that and don't really have any career opportunities.

"They can barely find jobs to make minimum wage, and I think that was something that me and the other partners in the company felt like we had an opportunity to change.

"We're now offering these turn-key opportunities to come in and use their skill set that they've developed over their time in the service and make high six figures a year, which I think is just a really cool, American kind of thing to do," he told the "Today Show."

Cooler than an Uncle Todd, for sure.

The chant is starting: "U.S.A.!"

Have a great sports week. Go Big Red!

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