EPA ruling throws legal landowners 'under the bus'

Jan 15, 2014 Janet Conover, Pavillion


The following is from a letter I wrote to the Fremont County Sherif's Department:

"I respectfully request an increased number of patrols and wellness checks in the west Pavillion area, due to a concern of in increase of vandalism and burglary after the EPA decision (expanding the borders of the Wind River Indian Reservation).

"While the jurisdictional issues from the EPA decision, backed by DOI and DOJ, will be in court for three to five years, there is a cohort that will see the jurisdictional ambiguity as an invitation to take what they long perceived as their own.

"Older, single women inhabit a surprising number of the properties in west Pavillion. Those with whom I spoke have taken their firearms out of the closet and placed ammunition nearby.

"A physical presence of the sheriff's personnel in the areas bordering the reservation would help tone down the citizens' concern.

"As that law enforcement jurisdiction within the reservation areas is by race, are we supposed to determine the heritage of the person who is invading our homes in order to determine which law enforcement agency to call? Seriously?

"The legal and lawful land owners in Pavillion, Kinnear and Morton were just thrown under the law-enforcement jurisdictional bus."

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