Wranglers second in big Don Runner field

Jan 21, 2014 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Connor Wilkinson won the title for Shoshoni at 120 pounds.

Despite being hit with the flu bug last week, the Shoshoni Wranglers gave Cokeville a run for the team wrestling title on Saturday at the Don Runner Invitational at Wind River High School.

Cokeville won five individual titles on its way to pilling up 198 points in the two-day double-elimination tournament.

Shoshoni claimed one title and scored 181.50 points. Rawlins was third (157) and Lovell came in fourth (133.50).

"I was pretty excited for the guys," SHS coach Tony Truempler said. "They worked hard. I have kids coming along great. I had six kids that missed different days throughout the week last week because of the flu."

The Wranglers were down by two points going into the final round of the two-day tournament.

"It was still close," Truempler said. "We had the same amount of placers. It will be tight all year. I had a couple of guys that didn't wrestle as well as they should have."

In the new 2-A wrestling rankings, Shoshoni is third. Moorcroft sits first, and Cokeville stands second.

"Cokeville is always solid," Truempler said.

The Wranglers compete Friday and Saturday at the Lingle/Fort Laramie tournament.

Last year, Shoshoni won the title. The tournament is a double-elimination format. Truempler is expecting about 25 teams in the field.

"We get a lot of teams form Nebraska," Truempler said.


At the Don Runner, Shoshoni's Conner Wilkinson won at 120 pounds.

"All of his losses have came from 3-A and 4-A schools," Truempler said.

Wilkinson is now 24-3 and is ranked No. 2 in the state in his weight bracket. Kole Schelli from Moorcroft is No. 1.

"Conner is just super dedicated," Truempler said. "When he is at home, he is watching wrestling. He goes to camps in the summer. Summer wrestling really helps the season."

Alex Minge was second for SHS at 170 pounds.

"Alex didn't have his best match in the finals, but in his defense he has been fighting the flu all week," Truempler said.

Minge missed two days of school last week before the Don Runner took place.

"He is a competitor," Truempler said.

Minge had been in the 182 pounds weight class before the Don Runner.

"Our goal was to get him down to 170 pounds," Truempler said.

Shosoni's Patrick Forster was second at 220 pounds. Greybull's Spencer Redland won on a pin in the title match.

"Patrick is coming along," Truempler said. "He was in a little bit of a slump, but he is getting back on track. We are working on a couple of things that we need to fix style wise."

Truempler believes Forster and Redland are the top two wrestlers in 2-A at 220 pounds.

"I honestly think that you got a preview of the state finals match on Saturday between him and the kid from Greybull," Truempler said.

Wyoming wrestling 2-A

rankings just released


1. Moorcroft, 2; Cokeville; 3. Shoshoni; 4. Wright; 5. Riverside/Greybull; 6. Thermopolis.


106 pounds -- 1. Trey Fischbach, Moorcroft; 2. Brian Crawford, Rocky Mountain; 3. John Thoman, Wind River; 4. Trinity Nitchman, Shoshoni; 5. J.J. Seaman, Hanna; 6. Dylan Humes, Moorcroft; 7. Coy Keslar, Burns.

113 -- 1. Dallas Taylor, Moorcroft; 2. Vinchizo Castle, Thermopolis; 2. Keenen Phisterer, Wind River; 4. Daynon Mowry, Saratoga; 5. Matt Dillon, Shoshoni; 6. Tre Nelson, Greybull; 7. Chase Vossler, Burns.

120 -- 1. Kole Schelli, Moorcroft; 2. Connor Wilkinson, Shoshoni; 3. Tyler Pohlman, Burns; 4. Trenton Smith, Wright; 5. Bradley Bifano, Saratoga; 6. Tyler Boysen, Shoshoni; 7. Tyler Abernanthy, Lingle.

126 -- 1. Ryan Bradshaw, Thermopolis; 2. Hunter Angle, Sundance; 3. Hunter Mason, Saratoga; 4. Danny Huxtable, Shoshni; 5. Nathan Martinez, Wright; 6. Chaze Wiant, Saratoga; 7. Rowdy Cranston, Moorcroft.

132 -- 1. James Teichert, Cokeville; 2. Lane Hageman, Lingle; 3. Taylor Chapin, Kemmerer; 4. Jacob Mickelson, Lovell; 5. Merritt Hageman, Lingle; 6. Thomas Ingleby, Saratoga; 7. Thomas Painter, Moorcroft.

138 -- 1. Toby Reynolds, Moorcroft; 2. Thatcher Spering, Saratoga; 3. Bryce Sturman, Lusk; 4. Tyler Clemetson, Shoshoni; 5. Tyler Linquist, Rocky Mountain; 6. Keaton Stevens, Hulette; 7. Kyle Bartlett, Saratoga.

145 -- 1. Macen Petersen, Cokeville; 2. Wyatt Hageman, Lingle; 3. Tate Allison, Moorcroft; 4. Cole Hill, Greybull; 5. Dalton Perkins, Wind River; 6. Garrett Julian, Kemmerer; 7. Brett Wassburg, Moorcroft.

152 -- 1. Brock Teichert, Cokeville; 2. Luke Lovett, Moorcroft; 3. Zack Larson, Thermopolis; 4. Alex Ferguson, Wright; 5. Brady Thurston, Lusk; 6. Jesus Burgos, Greybull; 7. Ellis Toomer, Cokeville.

160 -- 1. Kodiak French, Wright; 2. Brodie Lay, Lingle; 3. JJ Crichton, Shoshoni; 4. Eibert Anthony, Greybull; 5. Kris Justice, Wind River; 6. Coulter Buhler, Moorcroft; 7. Banville Brandyn, Burns.

170 -- 1. Camerson Braden, Moorcroft; 2. RJ Seaman, Hanna; 3. Cecil Brockman, Burns; 4. Alex Minge, Shoshoni; 5. Jace Petersen, Cokeville; 6. Jon Burrows, Thermopolis; 7. Roawn Hawk, Dubois.

182 -- 1. Tel West, Moorcroft; 2. Zeke Collins, Lovell; 3. Lucas Schirmer, Southeast; 4. Cory McFarland, Thermopolis; 5. Tyler Strobli, Wright; 6. Tyler Bjmostad, Sundance, 7. Tanyon Gray, Moorcroft.

195 -- 1. Sterling Baker, Dubois; 2. Wyatt Somsen, Southeast; 3. Travis Jinks, Southeast; 4. River Schoreder, Burns; 5.. Raustin Grandy, Cokeville; 6. Logan Welch, Kemmerer; 7. Eli Childers, Burns.

220 -- 1. Spencer Redland, Greybull; 2. Zane Hladky, Lusk; 3. Zane Edeler, Greybull; 4. Patrick Forster, Shoshoni; 5. Colton Stees, Southeast; 6. Nolan Schinder, Burns; 7. Sean Larson, Cokeville.

Heavyweight -- 1. Charles Oldman, Wind River; 2. Tanner Bernsetin, Greybull; 3. Jacob Wells, Saratoga; 4. Galen LaGois, Shoshoni, 5. Jaret Collins, Lovell

; 6. Jose Gonzales, Wyoming Indian; 7. John Stidman, Burns.

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