Don't let passion 'overpower our tact' during civil discourse

Jan 22, 2014 Charles “Mike” Broadhead, Chief of police, Riverton


Over the past several months, I feel that there has been an increasing racially charged rhetoric in our community.

Internet-based chat boards give rise to expressions of feelings that wouldn't normally be spoken in public, yet that is today's forum for many people.

Would we tolerate someone standing in a public square fomenting hate and dissent along racial lines? Of course not.

As we discuss matters of governance and public policy, let's not allow ourselves to sling mud at one another.

Civil discourse is healthy so long as it remains civil. Disagreements can and should exist, but as adult members of the same community, we need to ensure that these discussions remain polite.

As a community, let's agree to talk about our differences while always remembering that we co-exist as human beings.

At times we allow our passion to overpower our tact, but we have control over the language that we choose. Let's keep in mind the axiom that we have more in common than not.

Let's all remember that we live here, in this place, together as human beings.

We all have a vested interest in looking out for one another, and we all have a responsibility to make sure that our community, as a whole, remains a safe and vibrant place.

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