Applause to city for decision on light poles

Apr 10, 2012 James Gordano, Riverton


In response to Riverton City Councilman Richard Gard's opposition to the "nicer" light poles in the upcoming South Federal renovation, it is true that the money coming from the state is also taxpayer money, but it is also true that we couldn't get any of it at the city level.

The towns and mayors have been griping for a long time about how rich the state is, but the towns can't get any of it. Well, here is a case when we can get some of it. There would be no way for the City of Riverton to get access to these "taxpayer" dollars on our own. It is "our" money technically, but the state controls it.

I don't see why some people in this town always are so dead set against doing something for the simple reason it would be good to do it. This money is out there, and it is going to be spent one something, somewhere. So we might as well steer it our way if we have the chance.

I give a round of applause to the council for voting 6-1 to go ahead and accept this state offer and do these light poles to match downtown. It will really look nice, and when's the last time that was said about South Federal?

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