Question to a reckless driver

Jan 29, 2014 Kim Rogers, Pavillion


This is an open invitation to the driver of the white Ford pickup that was heading east on Highway 26 before turning left on Airport Road at around 7 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 23.

What part of foggy, snow-packed and ice don't you understand?

I don't consider passing three vehicles -- a green Buick, a Toyota pickup with Texas license plates, and a Sanjel industrial rig -- at the bottom of Griffey Hill and the rise into the city limits of Riverton a very smart thing decision.

"Stupid" and "dangerous" come to mind.

I drive this road five times a week in the early morning through all weather conditions: rain, sleet, fog or snow, mostly safely, defensively and economically.

Let's talk. I need you to tell me why.

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