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Wolverine swim boys defeat Natrona but downed by Kelly Walsh

Wolverine swim boys defeat Natrona but downed by Kelly Walsh

Jan 29, 2014 - By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

The Riverton Wolverine boys swim team hits the water at the Riverton Aquatic Center for a home meet one final time Thursday, hosting the Lander Tigers. The meet is set to start at 4 p.m. There is no admission charge to attend.

Thursday's meet is the first of three in a row for Riverton. On Friday, the Wolverines will travel to Lander for a quadrangular meet, and Riverton will head over South Pass to Pinedale for an invitational on Saturday.

"This is our last home meet. Last Friday we had senior night and honored Erik Horyza, Tyler Matsen, Adrian Cook and Tyler Camsey," RHS head swim coach Jay Dayton said.

At the senior night meet, the Wolverines swam against Casper Kelly Walsh and Casper Natrona in a double dual.

Individual winners included Matsen in the 200-yard individual medley, Horyza in the 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard freestyle and Travis Fisher in the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard breaststroke. The 400-yard freestyle relay also placed first with team members Fisher, Horyza, Matsen and Baylor Beers. Justyn Root captured second in diving.

In team standings, Riverton beat Casper Natrona 125-97 but lost to Casper Kelly Walsh 161-101.

Riverton traveled to Worland for an invitational meet Saturday and finished in fourth out of nine teams.

The meet had a memorable team result, as the Lander Tigers were defeated by Class 3-A rival Worland. Lander is shooting for its 18th 3-A state championship.

Horyza and Matsen again were individual winners for Riverton. Horyza won the 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard freestyle, while Matsen won the 100-yard breaststroke and placed second in the 100-yard butterfly. Fisher finished second and third in the 200-yard IM and 100-yard butterfly. Justin Root finished fourth in diving to round out Riverton swimmers placing in the top six.

Horyza, Matsen, Fisher and Root have qualified for the state meet for Riverton.

"We did really well. I'm really impressed by what this group of boys has done with only 11 boys on the team. I couldn't be happier," Dayton said.

Riverton continues to practice twice each day when not competing.

"It's really paying dividends," Dayton said.

Complete results of the

Casper Kelly Walsh, Casper Natrona,

Riverton double duals

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay

1, Kelly Walsh High School-WY 'A' 1:51.97. 2, Kelly Walsh High School-WY 'B' 2:07.42. 3, Natrona County High School 'A' (Frankland, Conor 16, Bertagnole,

Jacob 17, Heady, Gavin 15, Leinonen, Chase 15), 2:09.43. 4, Kelly Walsh High

School-WY 'C' x2:16.75. 5, Riverton High School 'B' (Cortez, Romelo ,

Stransky, Jody , Bench, Nicholas , Campsey, Tyler ), 4:39.83. --, Riverton

High School 'A' (Fisher, Travis , Matsen, Tyler , Beers, Baylor , Horyza, Erik, DQ.

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle

1, Calvert, Chris, NCH, 2:12.57 3A. 2, Holscher, Marcus, NCH, 2:18.07. 3,

Lougee, Carson R, KWH-WY, 2:27.20. 4, Lougee, Parker J, KWH-WY, 2:27.82. 5,

Hansen, Dillan, NCH, 2:30.22. 6, Cortez, Romelo, RIV, 2:33.92. 7, Gunther,

Jonathan, RIV, 2:34.16. 8, Westerberg, Kameron, KWH-WY, 2:38.30.

Boys 200-Yard IM

1, Matsen, Tyler, RIV, 2:15.04 4A. 2, Wagner, Remington T, KWH-WY, 2:21.49

4A. 3, Heady, Gavin, NCH, 2:38.52. 4, Saito, Louis, KWH-WY, 2:49.41. 5,

Whitney, Chace, KWH-WY, 2:49.90. 6, Bertagnole, Jacob, NCH, 2:52.60. 7,

Michael, CJ, KWH-WY, 3:02.03.

Boys 50-Yard Freestyle

1, Horyza, Erik, RIV, 23.37 4A. 2, Saunders, Brady, KWH-WY, 24.90 3A. 3,

Caputa, Jacob, KWH-WY, 25.08 3A. 4, Hull, Chase E, KWH-WY, 25.32 3A. 5,

Smith, Ethen, KWH-WY, 25.34 3A. 6, Beers, Baylor, RIV, 26.34 3A. 7, Wisser,

Dylan, KWH-WY, x27.22. 8, Gremp, Mike, KWH-WY, x27.57. 9, Root, Justyn, RIV,

27.85. 10, Brooks, Jacob A, KWH-WY, x28.20. 11, Malave, JuanDiego D, KWH-WY,

x28.28. 12, Letz, Kris, KWH-WY, x28.51. 12, Leinonen, Chase, NCH, 28.51. 14,

Brooks, Jonathan, KWH-WY, x28.89. 15, Hodecker, Clayton, KWH-WY, x30.37. 16,

Westerberg, Kameron, KWH-WY, x30.39. 17, Cook, Adrian, RIV, 30.63. 18, Gremp,

Shawn, KWH-WY, x31.06. 19, Stransky, Jody, RIV, x33.24. 20, Campsey, Tyler,

RIV, x2:34.71.

Boys 1 mtr Diving

1, Saunders, Brady, KWH-WY, 230.60. 2, Root, Justyn, RIV, 175.00. 3, White,

Evan, KWH-WY, 162.40. 4, Norman, Kaden, KWH-WY, 139.10. 5, Rausch, Zack,

KWH-WY, 122.70.

Boys 100-Yard Butterfly

1, Fisher, Travis, RIV, 59.48 4A. 2, Wetzel, Connor L, KWH-WY, 1:05.91 3A.

3, Frankland, Conor, NCH, 1:18.67. 4, Whitney, Chace, KWH-WY, 1:21.84. 5,

Michael, CJ, KWH-WY, 1:24.74. 6, Arross, Brody J, KWH-WY, 1:26.16.

Boys 100-Yard Freestyle

1, Horyza, Erik, RIV, 55.02 3A. 2, Beers, Baylor, RIV, 57.91 3A. 3, Hull,

Chase E, KWH-WY, 58.95 3A. 4, Bench, Nicholas, RIV, 1:03.96. 5, Malave,

JuanDiego D, KWH-WY, 1:04.01. 6, Smith, Ethen, KWH-WY, 1:04.24. 7, Holscher,

Marcus, NCH, 1:04.45. 8, Cook, Adrian, RIV, 1:05.40. 9, Wisser, Dylan, KWH-WY,

1:05.88. 10, Hodecker, Clayton, KWH-WY, x1:08.22. 11, Leinonen, Chase, NCH,

1:08.70. 12, Robinson, Birch, KWH-WY, x1:13.36. 13, Campsey, Tyler, RIV,


Boys 500-Yard Freestyle

1, Heady, Gavin, NCH, 6:09.58 3A. 2, Hansen, Dillan, NCH, 6:53.53.

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay

1, Kelly Walsh High School-WY 'A' 1:50.45. 2, Riverton High School 'A' (Bench,

Nicholas , Root, Justyn , Gunther, Jonathan , Cook, Adrian ), 1:54.85. 3,

Natrona County High School 'A' (Calvert, Chris 16, Bertagnole, Jacob 17,

Frankland, Conor 16, Leinonen, Chase 15), 1:55.75. 4, Kelly Walsh High

School-WY 'B' x1:56.05. 5, Kelly Walsh High School-WY 'C' x2:00.73.

Boys 100-Yard Backstroke

1, Fisher, Travis, RIV, 1:02.15 4A. 2, Matsen, Tyler, RIV, 1:03.90 4A. 3,

Calvert, Chris, NCH, 1:05.75 3A. 4, Caputa, Jacob, KWH-WY, 1:11.19 3A. 5,

Frankland, Conor, NCH, 1:13.05. 6, Brooks, Jacob A, KWH-WY, 1:15.15. 7,

Cortez, Romelo, RIV, 1:17.80. 8, Brooks, Jonathan, KWH-WY, 1:19.12. 9, Lougee,

Carson R, KWH-WY, 1:20.19. 10, Lougee, Parker J, KWH-WY, x1:24.83. 11, Saito,

Louis, KWH-WY, x1:27.31. 12, Gunther, Jonathan, RIV, 1:42.36.

Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke

1, Wagner, Remington T, KWH-WY, 1:10.93 4A. 2, Wetzel, Connor L, KWH-WY,

1:11.28 4A. 3, Gremp, Shawn, KWH-WY, 1:19.44 3A. 4, Bertagnole, Jacob, NCH,

1:20.69 3A. 5, Arross, Brody J, KWH-WY, 1:22.15. 6, Letz, Kris, KWH-WY,

x1:28.31. 7, Stransky, Jody, RIV, 1:37.96. --, Gremp, Mike, KWH-WY, DQ.

Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay

1, Riverton High School 'A' (Fisher, Travis , Horyza, Erik , Beers, Baylor ,

Matsen, Tyler ), 4:02.67. 2, Kelly Walsh High School-WY 'A' 4:03.45. 3,

Natrona County High School 'A' (Heady, Gavin 15, Hansen, Dillan 17, Calvert,

Chris 16, Holscher, Marcus 16), 4:29.54. 4, Kelly Walsh High School-WY 'B'

x4:41.54. 5, Riverton High School 'B' (Bench, Nicholas , Cook, Adrian ,

Stransky, Jody , Root, Justyn ), x4:44.06. 6, Kelly Walsh High School-WY 'C'


Team Scores - double duals

Kelly Walsh High School 185.00 vs. Natrona County High School 87.00

Kelly Walsh High School 161.00 vs. Riverton High School 101.00

Riverton High School 125.00 vs. Natrona County High School 97.00

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