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Bebout and others correct to question red carpet for Magpul

Feb 3, 2014 Jess Rodgers, Casper


IR00;couldn't believe the news that the State Loan and Investment Board would turn Casper's request for a conference center down, and then the Wyoming Business Council would approve the gun folks moving to Cheyenne.

I'm sure the center in Casper would do more for the state than having a company move part of its people to Cheyenne. And if that company now has all of its operation in one place, why do they want to be partly out of state?

I'm sure Fremont County is proud of Eli Bebout, or at least IR00;hope you are. He and Drew Perkins and Steve Harshman sure asked Magpul the right questions.

Great job, guys. It's nice to see our legislators stand up to the tough stuff. Sic 'em!

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