'Concern for the younger generation'

Feb 4, 2014 Tom Lindsey, Cheyenne


I feel concern for the younger generation. They desire independence, freedom and happiness, but in reality by not critically analyzing what it takes to be, they, in too many cases, become slaves to a most-demanding and destructive master, one who cares not for their well being but leads too often to a fate worse than death.

The insatiable demands of drugs, booze and sex lead not to freedom, independence and happiness, but to servitude's reality of misery and distress once one is hooked.

Humans are born with a physically marvelous body and a miraculous brain. Why do humans not use that brain to prevent abuse and often destruction of both brain and body?

It seems to me that there is a change from the generation of "get it done" to generation of "if only." In the process, the skids have been greased for her culture.

Some of the erroneous and wrong quote "if onlys" are:

- Rights are demanded, while responsibility is unnecessary and avoided;

- Borrowed money need not be repaid with interest;

- Everyone was rich with cash;

- People did not resent and retaliate when we abuse and killed him;

- Laws of nature and humanity can be violated with impunity;

- Problems are solved by an avoidance and kicking the can down the road;

- Politicians' acts are consistent with their promises;

- Minorities and perverts provide enduring existence for a nation;

- Dumping tons of money on a problem solves the problem;

- There are resources of strength as the traditional family, which is being sabotaged, has been;

- Citizens weren't called on to make hard, responsible decisions;

- School should be less demanding and easy for graduation;

- The chickens didn't come home to roost for that next and decisions;

- Nations cannot commence national suicide.

We of "the greatest generation" didn't waste time considering "if only." We set about doing what needed to be done. The mistake we made, after winning the war, was to turn the peace over to politicians. We won the war, politicians lost the peace and also put our nation in jeopardy.

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