My camera is new, but my enthusiasm for photos isn't

Feb 4, 2014 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

For years I've tried my best to use my Canon SX20is camera to take pictures of family, sports and stuff. And before the Canon, with its 20x optical zoom that works great outdoors, but not-so-great inside, there was another Canon that jumped me into the digital age of photography.

I've always been fascinated with cameras. On display in our basement is the first camera and light meter that my dad taught me to use. The Kuribayashi 35-mm camera has Dad's name and Air Force service number engraved on the back, and he purchased it when he was stationed overseas in Okinawa. The Bertram light meter that now sits next to the camera, interestingly, was made in Germany, and I remember the lessons about apertures and shutter speeds dad gave me on the playground at Ashgrove School across from our home.

I used that 35mm camera and light meter to take the very first picture I had published in The Ranger -- a band concert in the gym at the old Riverton High School.

I've photographed images from 14,000 feet mountain peaks, deep inside caves and on the shores of both oceans that border our great country. I've got pictures of Wyoming Cowboys, Frontier Days cowboys and bears (grizzly style). I've taken shots from land, air and sea; from canoes and ocean liners; from Boeing 777 jets, two-seater single props, and hot air balloons. The Canons followed our kids in soccer, baseball, football, swimming, racquetball, volleyball, wrestling and, well, you get the picture. The Canons have been tested, tried and true.

Wayne Nichols is the pro photographer at The Ranger, but taking photographs is the closest thing I have to a hobby.

So when the new Sony RX-10 arrived last week, with its ultra-fast zoom lens and full HD video capabilities, I felt renewed.

I hoped to grab a couple of good shots this past weekend when Riverton played at Casper Kelly Walsh on the hardwood. I reviewed some old camera texts, worked to learn the capabilities of my new machine (with all of its bells and whistles, it does seem like a machine to me), and wanted to e-mail the most important shot of the day back to The Ranger in time for Sunday's edition.

And I missed that shot.

Oh, I did OK. At least I hope that Chris Quayle and Jacee Shultz, whose basketball pictures were published Sunday, think so. But the big shot I missed was at halftime of the Riverton boys game. While I was talking to Riverton girls coach Adrian McNamee, I honestly thought about taking "the picture," but I didn't.

So, Riverton freshman basketball player Teron Doebele, my apologies. You made the half-court contest shot, and everyone cheered. You invested $3 wisely for tickets and won $50. Your aim was picture perfect.

Enjoy those Red Box movies you told me that at least some of your new-found fortune will go to.

And, if I see you at half court again, the Sony and I will be ready.

Have a great sports week. Go Big Red!

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