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Feb 6, 2014 The Associated Press

State weighs Magpul aid

CHEYENNE -- The State Loan and Investment Board will consider a $13 million incentive package to help a Colorado producer of ammunition magazines for guns move its manufacturing operations to Wyoming.

The board is to consider the package of state grants and loans for Erie, Colo.-based Magpul Industries during its meeting Thursday in Cheyenne.

Magpul is planning to move its production, distribution and shipping operations to Cheyenne. The company is making good on its vow to leave Colorado after that state enacted gun control laws last year.

Magpul is looking to bring about 90 new jobs to Cheyenne.

The State Land and Investment Board is made up of the five statewide elected officials, including Gov. Matt Mead. However, Mead will have final say on the proposal.

Arctic air mass persists in state

CHEYENNE -- Take your pick this winter, Wyoming: cold or wind.

December's arctic blast brought temperatures 20 degrees or more below zero. Then came January, the windiest month in Cheyenne in five years. Winds averaged 15.9 mph and gusted above 20 mph on all but two days, according to the National Weather Service.

Casper was almost as windy at 15.5 mph. Along with Amarillo, Texas, Cheyenne and Casper are among the three windiest cities in the Lower 48, and January is Wyoming's windiest time of year.

Now, the wind has stopped. The cold is back. Temperatures in several cities early Wednesday plunged to 20 or more below zero and kept well below zero throughout the day.

As it turns out, an inverse relationship often exists between cold and wind in Wyoming, said Zach Finch, a Weather Service forecaster in Cheyenne.

"When it's windy around here, oftentimes the wind is coming from the west," Finch said. "When you've got west winds, it's going down the slope and those downslope winds are warmer."

Those winds are warmer because they increase air pressure, he said.

Barely a breath of wind stirred in Cheyenne on Wednesday, but the Wyoming Highway Patrol was out helping truck drivers with jelled diesel fuel. Sometimes truck drivers fuel up in warmer areas with diesel fuel blended for warmer driving conditions. They get to Wyoming and their fuel doesn't flow well in cold weather, said Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Stephen Townsend.

Palisades outflow being reduced

JACKSON -- The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is reducing the amount of water that flows out of a reservoir on the Wyoming-Idaho state line.

Palisades Reservoir is only about 24 percent full right now. Bureau officials say they need to raise that level some in order to have enough water to generate electricity at Palisades Dam this summer.

Palisades Reservoir is part of a huge storage system that provides irrigation water to Idaho potato farmers. Electricity generated at the dam goes mostly toward running irrigation systems.

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