Sue Wallis will be missed dearly

Feb 11, 2014 Steven R. Doyle


Sue Wallis, a state representative from Recluse, passed away last week. Many in Fremont County had the pleasure of working with her on several issues over the past few years, and we feel a great loss.

Most of your readers knew Rep. Wallis if only because she stood for issues that were sure to put her in the public limelight -- or crosshairs, depending on orientation.Sue was a libertarian -- pure Wyoming, if you ask me. Her challenges to the status quo put her at odds with both of our grand parties from time to time.Sue stood up for women's reproductive rights. She took the lead in reforming marijuana laws.She maintained a running battle with state regulators to allow citizens to buy produce directly from farmers.She stood up for property rights -- equine processing being part and parcel of that fight. Sue was no shrinking violet.

I will miss her dearly. I will miss her friendship and her leadership. Sue firmly held that our lives would be far richer without the heavy hand of government on our backs, and she worked tirelessly and courageously towards that end. Thank you so much, Sue.

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