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Tiger swimmers top Rawlins in Thursday dual

Feb 11, 2014 By Judy Crawford

The Rawlins Outlaws traveled to Lander for a quick matchup in the pool Thursday night. While Lander won by 52 points, the Outlaws swam to four event wins, setting some impressive times against Lander's best.

The Rawlins medley relay team of the Cain brothers, Zach (backstroke) and Aiden (breaststroke) set the pace off the gun in the medley relay, and despite an impressive effort by the Tigers, Rawlins took the first event in its fastest logged time to date.

Distance expert Drew Gramlich claimed first-place points in the 200- and 500-meter freestyle events, with junior teammate Chance Nelson claiming second place at his fastest 200 pace of the season. Fellow junior Riley Patterson did the same in the 500. Junior Tucker Russell set the pace in the individual medley outswimming Outlaw sophomore Aiden Cain for first, with Ryan Crawford taking fourth, getting out-touched by Outlaw Bryan Goodwine.

In the dive tank it was senior Terrell McNiven demonstrating poise and height to capture the event win.

The only new state qualification of the meet was secured by junior Chance Nelson in the butterfly. He posted his fastest seasonal time, good for fourth-place points.

"Chance's swim is a great outcome. It's getting hard for these boys to swim faster in the coming week than they have throughout the season, given the intensity and distance that we're demanding of them in two-a-day practices," said coach Bruce Gresly.

Griffin Leemon left the three chasing Outlaws at a full body length on the final turn of the 100 freestyle for the win, with freshman Trey Martinson and Josh Reed taking fifth and sixth. Leemon also was awarded the WHSAA Tiger sportsman of the meet by the referees.

The Tigers loaded the bus at 6 a.m. Friday for two meets in Gillette. With the goal of orienting the team to the state championship venue, the boys will compete against 11 Class 4-A teams and one other 3-A team, getting a glimpse of the best Wyoming has to offer.

Lander swim results from

Lander vs. Rawlins Dual

Feb. 6

Team standings -- 1. Lander Tigers, 116; 2. Rawlins Outlaws, 64.

200- yard medley relay -- 1. Rawlins (Zach Cain, Aidan Cain, Aaron Harshman, Bryar Goodwine) 1:46.72; 2. Lander (Tucker Russell, Ryan Crawford, Zach Noffsinger, Tyler Marchetti) 1:50.01; 3. Lander (Ellis Peterson, Thomas Geer, Dillon Hedges, Treyton Martinsen) 2:05.54; 4. Lander (Charles Moss, Andrew Fallin, Noah Kreager, Kaylem Mascarenaz) 2:29.33.

200- yard Freestyle -- 1. Drew Gramlich, Lander, 1:59.89; 2. Chance Nelson, Lander, 2:04.18; 3. Riley Patterson, Lander, 2:07.08; Justin Ellsworth, Lander, 2:09.43.

200- yard Individual Medley -- 1. Tucker Russell, Lander, 2:16.48; 4. Ryan Crawford, Lander, 2:22.74; 5. Thomas Geer, Lander, 2:30.45; 6. Ellis Peterson, Lander, 2:33.58.

50- yard freestyle -- 1. Zach Cain, Rawlins, 23.94; 3. Griffin Leemon, Lander, 24.34; 4. Zach Noffsinger, Lander, 25.34; 5. Tyler Marchetti, Lander, 25.56; 6. Josh Reed, Lander, 28.88; 7. Kaylem Mascarenaz, Lander, 29.76; 8. Caleb Burke, Lander, 29.87; 9. Gokalp Ergenekon, Lander, 30.05; 10. Noah Kreager, Lander, 32.55; Kyle Edinger, Lander, 41.54.

1- meter diving -- 1. Terrell McNiven, Lander, 223.00; Andrew Fallin, Lander, 147.65; 5. Noah Kreager, Lander, 121.10.

100- yard butterfly -- 1. Zach Cain, Rawlins, 1:00.17; 2. Zach Noffsinger, Lander, 1:07.56; 3. Nate Robinson, Lander, 1:10.54; 4. Chance Nelson, Lander, 1:13.02; 5. Dillon Hedges, Lander, 1:13.32; 6. Andrew Fallin, Lander, 1:15.57.

100- yard freestyle -- 1. Griffin Leemon, Lander, 54.26; 5. Treyton Martinsen, Lander, 1:02.19; 6. Josh Reed, Lander, 1:04.12; 7. Caleb Burke, Lander, 1:07.09; 8. Charles Moss, Lander, 1:08.16; 9. Kaylem Mascarenaz, Lander, 1:08.32.

500- yard freestyle -- 1. Drew Gramlich, Lander, 5:30.02; 2. Riley Patterson, Lander, 5:34.58; 3. Nate Robinson, Lander, 5:57.49; 4. Tyler Marchetti, Lander, 5:58.15.

200- yard freestyle relay -- 1. Lander (Griffin Leemon, Ryan Crawford, Drew Gramlich, Zach Noffsinger) 1:41.15; 2. Lander (Treyton Martinsen, Tyler Marchetti, Nate Robinson, Justin Ellsworth) 1:47.34; 3. Lander (Chance Nelson, Riley Patterson, Andrew Fallin, Josh Reed) 1:54.76; 5. Lander (Caleb Burke, Noah Kreager, Kaylem Mascarenaz, Kyle Edinger) 2:15.42.

100- yard backstroke -- 1. Ryan Crawford, Lander, 1:10.40; Justin Ellsworth, Lander, 1:18.10; 3. Thomas Geer, Lander, 1:18.37; 4. Gokalp Ergenekon, Lander, 1:35.64.

100- yard breaststroke -- 1. Crawford, Lander, 1:10.40; 2. Justin Ellsworth, Lander, 1:18.10; 3. Thomas Geer, Lander, 1:18.37; 4. Gokalp Ergenekon, Lander, 1:35.65.

400- yard freestyle relay -- 1. Rawlins (Aaron Harshman, Bryar Goodwine, Aidan Cain, Zach Cain) 3:31.34; 2. Lander (Griffin Leemon, Drew Gramlich, Chance Nelson, Tucker Russell) 3:43.34; 3. Lander (Nate Robinson, Riley Patterson, Justin Ellsworth, Thomas Geer) 4:07.69; 4. Lander (Ellis Peterson, Caleb Burke, Charles Moss, Dillon Hedges) 4:26.69.

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