EPA ruling must be challenged

Feb 12, 2014 William L. Morgana, Riverton


When I hear people saying "calm down" over the EPA ruling trying to make Riverton part of the Indian reservation, what that says to me is "just sit back and accept what the EPA says without question."

Forget that.

There is nothing wrong with challenging this "ruling," which was made by an unelected bureaucrat without consent of the people. If it was only about "air quality," then it would be easier to "calm down." But when it is so obvious that it really is about trying to change the form of city government here and making Riverton part of tribal government, then it needs to be challenged.

Tribal government has not set a very good example through the years. Even tribal members know that.

I want the city and the county and the state to put up a strong defense against this ruling, and I think most people in Riverton will back them all the way.

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