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Flashing speed sign 'really does help' on West Main

Feb 13, 2014 - Jen Lowry


The other day I was driving on West Main Street, and the sign that shows your speed as you are driving had been put up.

I think this is a very good idea on that part of Riverton, because people don't really understand how fast they are going. On this day you faced the sign as you were driving into town heading east toward downtown, and just about every single car (including me) was going faster than 30 mph, which is the speed limit.

I was only going 33, so I slowed down pretty quick. But there were two other vehicles in the same area that were going much faster. The sign flashed "44" on one and "45" on the other. This was well into town near the car wash.

There is so much traffic up on West Main Street, and I am glad this flashing sign is available. It is very educational. Could it be put up more often? I really think it does help.

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